The Great Leap 2005

A lot of news on David as can be expected as The Great Leap 2005 was officially launched 1/21 in Hongkong. David wore tan suit with green shirt and brown tie, & I think he has a haircut. He oso attended the 12th China Songs Chart last night but did not win any award. He did performed a special song which is a blend of Susan Said & Moon over my heart. Here can see more nice pixs as well as read his interview if u noe chinese, & here can see pixs of him performing. He looked real nice in jeans, brown jacket, white shirt & gold cravat.

More on his album launch: David greeted the media & fans in english, cantonese, chinese & spanish (wow!), 3 of the most widely spoken languages in the world. A 9min version of Who do you love mv was shown & female fans yelled continuously when the kissing scene was shown, making David vry embarrassed.
When asked if he enjoyed the kissing scene, he said not really as he & the actress hardly known each other & they had to do 4 takes, by the 3rd take he hardly had any feelings but must looked as if he had. When asked if he had any experience of such passionate kissing, he said most probably but not in front of the piano. Fans oso yelled when he got out of bed in his shorts & was disappointed he didn't take his shirt off. (Hmmmmm David becoming a sex symbol alredi?)

David oso said dat he is not worried abt sales as good sales do not always mean the album is good. He is more concerned abt staying true to music & not selling himself & his music, oso his fans. But the EMI bosses presented him a plaque anyway for the good sales of all his albums.
There was a lot of first for David in this album. First time he had a song written by another composer, first time he cooperated with 12 Girl Band, first time he wrote 6 songs all at once, first time he kissed in a mv, first time he had Asia wide album launch. Oso the first time he wrote a song for his mom altho he said that he will be 'finished' if she read the lyrics of the song, but he oso had a gift for his mom in Susan Said. He recorded the beijing opera bit in LA but he called his mom to ask her how to sing it & then recorded it. So lotsa good memories for David in this album.
I have been listening to the album nonstop for the past 2 days & love all the songs. There's not one song I do not like, of cos I like sum more than the others but the whole album is excellent. I don't have a favorite DT album, I like them all but Great Leap comes very close to it. Although I have to say if you are expecting something ingenious or fresh & cool, you might be disappointed on first listen. All the songs except possibly Ghost sound like songs by other singers such as Jay, Leehom, JJ Lin, Anson Hu but as you listen you find that the way David sang or arranged the song made them different.

I don't know how to describe it. Its like he took the most simple of melodies, arranged them with a great mix of musical instruments and sang them in his own special way. Basically he did what he said he wanted to do, take music back to pure form. I love how the instruments sound as if they were playing alongside him when he sang so the album has a less 'studio' feel. After listening to the album, I just feel so refreshed, drenched by the power of music.
For this album he will be getting the usual criticisms. That he keep redoing old songs - he only did one, Susan Said & its not even a cover but completely new song. That he is following the current trend of using chinese instruments - actually David has always used chinese instruments from his first album. That he is repeating himself & did nothing new - just ignore cos these ppl dun understand music. Ditto for those who said that he is copying western music again *sigh*.
Its hard to be David fan cos he is always being compared & u feel as if you haf to defend him all the time. But now that I am a fan for almost 2 yrs, I feel there is nothing left to said. Basically I will not be a fan if I follow blindly the current trends without understanding why they r so popular.
To me The Great Leap 2005 redefined what is real music. While I enjoyed Usher's Yeah & dancing around my bedroom, David's music tell me its time to face & accept the world without fear. I like both type of music but alredi I haf forgotten Yeah & moving on to the next pop tune, but David's music will stay with me for life.

I love this pix from the making of Who do you love mv which I haf seen abt 3 times. Its really good & David is excellent with a natural flair. He really looked the part, successful chinese man bored with his pretty gf & looking for an affair. In the pix above he is trying to seduce Red Rose.
Lotsa fans r unhappy & disappointed dat he played the role himself with kissing & bed scenes. But really both scenes r pretty mild compared to sum others I haf seen, & David did not even take off his shirt. Oso while we want our idols to be pure as driven snow, must oso remember David is a normal 35 yr old man & considering that he put a certain sound into Let's fall in love, this mv is not really the most daring thing he has done. On de other hand dun think David will date sumone out just for one night stand either *roll eyes*

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