Close the world, open the next

After spending a whole day in bed listening to David's songs cos I have a cold, I feel just a bit better. Anyway I left a msg for u Zoe @ DT forum & hopefully he saw it & pray for u. I really don't know what else I can do or say to comfort those affected by the tragedy except for donating & donating again. If David fans wanna group together & donate, let me know cos I am more than happy to join in.
Above pix courtesy davidcn a favorite of mine cos he looked so expressive. I really can't save the world, all I know is that my world is a lot brighter because David is around. I don't know why, not that I am in love with him or wanna marry him. I don't even care if I would ever meet him or talk to him. All I know is that so long as he is around to make and sing his lovely songs, my world is a better place. I wish I could delete the whole tsunami tragedy even if it mean deleting my whole existence like Lain.

If only the solution could be so simple as closing the world & opening the next.
I am falling, I am fading, I am drowning
Help me to breathe
I am hurting, I have lost it all, I am losing
Help me to breathe


zoe said...

u luff Lain & David Tao.. & then u have to go speak up things that reflect my thoughts so much about ur appreciations over 'DT' in a way similar to me & I'm so thankful for ur wonderful blog :sniff:

I'm actually not that mournful..more grim coz I didn't lost anybody close to me to Tsunami [my collegue went to receive his friends body but I don't know that person] & I have seen Thai ppl united more than ever so in the darkness there's always light..

I noticed that when David sing his heart out, his brows tend to knit like the pic u shown here :D esp when he sing luv song <3

now I'll go check out ur post :D [it kinda hard coz my connections aint that good for flash website ^^;]

thanks alot~!

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe...why dun u go into this direct link to DT forum, theres no flash in there, so not to worry abt connection speed..

this is the pg where zhaodi esp left the msg for you,

zoe, i'm sry abt your friend's friend. I dunno how to say too except to pray for u both but i hope you n your frenz r feeling better...

zhao u speaks my heart, David fills the colors in my life too...


Zhao said...

Hi Zoe, yes you must look ahead & be stronger & united. Remember you always have us & the international community who will not let you down. Tangie, always so helpful, thx so much. It cos of u guys dat my blog is so expressive, it so nice to know others feel the same as I do abt DT.