Big & little David Tao

Guess when u r such a big star as David, sumtimes u dun even noe yr schedule. Like when media asked David why he wanted to have sum store activity in Beijing where fans can haf pix wif him if they bought an item from the store, he dun even noe he had such an activity. Anyway that activity had to cancelled after half an hour cos the crowd was 2 big to handle.
David went on quite a few entertainment shows & it was all vry entertaining. David did vry well, presented himself vry well as well as explained the concept behind his album. His dad accompanied him on sum shows & it was hilarious when they r together. Oso the hosts were all great, they might joked around but it was wif respect. Except for one show hosted by 5566. It was a disgrace. They had David as a music teacher to teach how to sing Ghost, Who do you love & Susan Says & then just acted stupid.
Kinda lost all credibility when 5566 released new album @ the same time & had publicly announced they want to be No 1. Oso they r having activities over the weekend @ the same time as David. It was annoying cos David was really good, god the man can sing under any kind of circumstance, & u can see dat despite the situation getting outta hand, he was still trying to show the audience not the two buffoons how to sing the songs.
Fans haf alreadi post lotsa msgs regarding their unhappiness & saying David shouldn't haf gone on the show but then he prolly dun even noe his own schedule so he haf no choice. Well I kinda nvr noticed 5566, dun even noe what they looked like, they r supposed to be vry popular amongst young girls in Taiwan & Singapore. I noe they released an english song which a friend send to me thinking I might like it. It was terrible. There were only 2 of them hosting wif David & both of them not vry goodlooking. David looked way better than them & lots younger. (Any 5566 fans reading, sry but yr idols suck so if u wanna abuse on shoutbox go ahead heehee).
Its vry simple when u invite a guest on yr show, the least u can do is show sum respect, there r other ways to raise a laugh then trying to make fun of sumone's songs & singing ability by clowning around & rolling around the ground. Oso I bet dis time next yr while yr album is long forgotten, ppl will still be singing David's songs @ ktv. Dis the best kinda revenge so all DT fans let just put dis episode away.
Sum links of interest:
1) The intro & ending music in Who do you love mv is Clair de lune (Moonlight) by Claude Debussy, a vry popular piece used in many movies. If u dun noe it, can listen online. Debussy once said, "There is no theory. You have only to listen. Pleasure is the law. I love music passionately. And because l love it, I try to free it from barren traditions that stifle it. It is a free art gushing forth, an open-air art boundless as the elements, the wind, the sky, the sea. It must never be shut in and become an academic art." David will understand that, but not the buffoons in 5566.
2) There is Spotlight David Tao broadcast on HKVP Radio on January 31, oso contest to win The Great Leap album & AVCD but apparently only open to US residents. No spotlight & contest on 5566 *gasp* guess they haf vry good tastes (yeah I know must put behind but they really r disgusting.)
3) Hmmmm...apparently there's David Tao interview by Stella Chang on 8tv, hope they repeat it soon.
4) More great pixs here & here on his appearance on Small S's show.


zoe said...

I know 5566 coz I heard they sing this song that was a remake from a Thai song [a rock song or sumthing] then I realise that the company that create them were co. with music company from Thailand that likes to makes stupid idols... idiots... never like 'em ... how can they be popular?

Zhao said...

Really Zoe they did a remake of a Thai song? Yeah dun understand why they r so popular, but their underhand treatment of David didn't work anyway, The Great Leap is No 1 on the Taiwan music charts this wk!

zoe said...

Yeah~ I saw it on Channel [V], they sing in Mandarin but with melody from famous Thai pop song.. so unoriginal :bleah:
another artists that did similar remake r 'Kiki' & 'Xiao Xiao' I think Thai company invest in Taiwan music company or sumthing..

5566 r likes baby compare to David~!!! kekekekeke

& I still waiting for my 'Great Leap' CD [I should have paid or express delivery, but I didn't now I suffer for it]

Zhao said...

hope u get The Great Leap soon Zoe cos its so good, all the songs, its becoming my favorite DT album, not his best which I think is Black Tangerine but just love his selection of soothing songs.