Susan said its Beijing

David & his dad doing their bit for charity. So happy to see him at last, look so adorable when answering phone, they showed him up close few times. Jimmy oso there & sooooooooooo handsome, getting more shuai all the time but imma biased as he is my favorite Tension mbr heehee. Lotsa celebrities, literally who's who of Taiwanese entertainment. Oh, they sang Hand in Hand but no David or Leehom *sad* but still there was Shin.
Btw forgot 2 mention dat his namecard was 'Tao Ji Ji' instead of 'Tao Zhe', but its sweet, make him so special to haf such an unusual name <3<3<3
So there u go Zoe & others affected by tsunami, we will nvr let u down. Actually done my own donation drive & happy to report many Singaporeans & Malaysians r generous. Pixs credit davidcn & taozeehk.
So the big moment tmr, launch of 1st single after 2yrs. So excited cannot breathe & so proud my eyes tearing. But I noe no matter what critics & non fans said, David haf alredi done it, came out wif another truly inspiring album. Even just reading the songlist give a fresh feeling, & such anticipation, 12 brandnew DT songs to explore. Yes admit did haf sum doubts & trepidation, did the creativity & passion run out like the others? But reading posts by fans who haf heard his 3 new songs, they were delighted & surprised by the completely diff styles in each.
The one taking most by surprise is Susan said which contrary to the western sounding title is actually based on a famous Beijing opera song & cleverly Susan is the phonetic equivalent of the name of the heroine in this opera song. Actually so curious how David managed to put r&b & beijing opera together dat went to listen online sample & oh it was so nice, such a beautiful song. Can't wait to listen to the whole song esp the beijing opera bit that David did, I noe hard to believe dat beijing opera can be inserted into r&b song & sound good but remember Blue moon & Somewhere over the rainbow, well its a little like dat, just lovely. Anyway there will be lotsa surprises & pleasure to come for sure.
Okie, anonymous who post msg asking to post David's 2nd msg, not sure which 2nd msg u want, the email or the website, but can find both here @ blog forum. Oso post the 1st website msg & his Great Leap msg 4 those who haf problem accessing flash website. Oso u can access DT forum w/o going thru website, will add to links.


zoe said...

Thank you~ zhoadi :D he's so gorgeous [his dad look awesome too~ makes me think that's how David gonna look like when he's older]

can't wait to here his new single :) [I have check out Channel [V] more often for MV]

I wanna know the pinyin name for his 'ghost' single~

Zhao said...

Yes, yes, David & his dad, such a goodlooking pair & best of friends. The pinyin for ghost is 'gui' if imma not wrong. Oso fans who seen the mv said it was quite scary first time they saw it so if u r easily spooked, be warned.

zoe said...

thanks!! from the pics~ it remind me of 'Thriller' MV by Michael Jackson.. is that spooky enough? lol~

Zhao said...

Yeah, sumone oso said the song reminded of MJ's Thriller but in a good way of cos, looks forward to watching on Wed :)