David's Great Leap

Title of David's new album, The Great Leap 2005, finally released (thx nlayhua). So dat why he called his album red heehee sry cannot resist the communist dig. The Great Leap Forward, altho chinese title is diff, sumthing abt the great peace, dun understand myself but seem to be causing lotsa confusion among mainland chinese fans. One asked if its ironic. But I believe in David & sure he will explain why he named his album.
But what I wanna noe is how he managed to get ecentury to agree to this controversial title? Maybe he used emotional blackmail, agree to this title or I take another 3 yrs to complete my album kekekekekekekekekeke Anyway this is David, if he dun come up with surprises like dis, then he is not David Tao! Well looking so forward & excitedly to new album, hope at least 12 songs & 1 of them english. But no matter what, I will listen carefully b4 making judgement cos like yr title, dis album may even be a departure from yr previous albums & not be as commercial & radio friendly.
Oso, the song in Ken Chu's new album is by Wu Bai & Tao Zi so sadly dun get David & Wu Bai working together. Latest news is David helping William So with his new album, but not getting excited until further confirmation.

He looked so gorgeous when he is grinning happily.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there, i really love to visit ur blogger..... u have all what i want to read abt DAVID>....thanks.
do u think u can post the 2nd email david wrote in his website? i'm unsure why as i entered the website, it was an empty website.... i would be very happy & grateful if u could post the 2nd email of his here in ur blog...thanks.....