Who do you love?

He's killing me softly with his smile heehee. No wonder his taiwanese fans kept saying that he was soooooooooooo shuai. He keeps looking better & better, maybe the cold weather cos apparently it was really cold during the autograph sessions in Taiwan. He did sing a little bit of Susan said & lucky fans who were last in line got to hug him. Much preferred this deep purple tee. Purple & black leather is a good look, oso like the necklet, vry neat. If u noe chinese, can go to davidcn to watch snippet recorded by one of the fans. Can see how he always looked up and smiled at his fans, vry friendly & warm.

5 dressed up ghosts came to wish him good luck & gave him a pot of gold, kinda chinese good fortune so his album will sell well.

David oso appeared in charity concert & sang Up where you belong with Karen Mok. His part was more than Karen & he sang really well. Just made me long for an english album *sigh* But imma alredi in love wif his second new song Who do you love? I love the way he sang & the diff emotions he put into it, vry moving. Pixs courtesy sina.com
Even his hands look gorgeous >"<
Lynn, got yr tshirt pixs, thks, will post tmr as haf to convert them a bit okie


zoe said...

wanna confess something to u, zhaodi :P

I used to look at David photo & thought he looks like this Thai comedian actor, who got really bad manners [just the looks not manners tho] ummmmmm I was laughing with my bro & he's agree with me about the looks & all.. I think it was from the MTV voting a couple of years back coz I didn't know much about DT back then & couldn't read Mandarin, but I simply vote for him coz I like his songs & attitude [& probably the only guy I know apart from Jay in the nominies] lol~ how glad I was afterward coz he didn't win but I still get to vote for my fav guy :love:

Zhao said...

Hey hey zoe my girl, yeah, its ok if u dun think David is gorgeous, lotsa ppl dun including my mom >|< but in my eyes he really attractive & cute, vry man. hehe, why r u glad u he didn't win?

zoe said...

Nyaaaaaaaaaaa~ I didn't meant that I'm happy he didn't won...I careless whether he wins or not coz he ain't gonna be promote here anyway [ohwaiii~ EMI dont' promo here like Sony~ so jealous >_<] :P all that matters is his 'music' right~ XD

I just felt happy that I trust my instinct back then & vote for the 'right' person~!!! back then I didn't know anybody but Jay & Jordan Chan [I still like him alil' when he sings Mandarin~]

I think it's his lips that kinda thick compare to other guy.. & his eyes kinda small & timid but it makes him look like he smile alot so I could find his eyes attractive~ well just the lips that bothers me alil' XD heheh I still like his white-thick teeths tho~