.....to nlayhua 4 info regarding David's audio cd In His Own Words that supposedly come wif advanced version of Studio Classroom mag & oso can heard sound bite @ TW David yahoo group too bad my computer dun wanna display Taiwanese.
.....to beach gurl 4 confirming orange shirt vcd original release in china.
.....to mercuria 4 the pic & info regarding Wah Wah, will post it soon promise (*_____*), & oso where to find David's vcd/dvd in Singapore.
Oso above pix 4 missred - David as chauffeur in Close to you mv not Leave mv kekekekekekekekekeke
Finally keeping my fingers crossed dat David will attend the Sprite promo in Changsha tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Heeee Zhaodi, thank you for the pics. It's very rare to see DT in formal clothes like this (and smiling), the last time was during Anita Mui pall bearer :-(. The MTV 2003 is uncounted, jeans below, heeee.

Back to the Ultrasound MV VCD - I'm sure my copy is legit - illegit usually has sticker/label on discs. But I only see/buy it in one shop, other 4 - 5 bigger music shops that I visited not having it, and there's no poster or so. A year ago (?) in Carrefour, "Black Tangerine" was prominently display with poster and such.

Zhao said...

Thx anonymous, yeah, he looks great in suit, another pix of him in grey suit, oso vry nice. I think 99% sure orange shirt vcd is legit but not released in Singapore so no poster & promotion like Black Tangerine.