Sum confirmation at last on David's new album @ Yesasia, expected release date: December 30, 2004 altho only 'expected' so hopefully on schedule. Oso remember to watch Studio Classroom online profile on David, first link active from 11/11 to 11/13. So yeah can get a big dose of David soon with 3 online programs & his upcoming Mandarin album to be released soon.
Came across this page for Top 100 Smooth Jazz of 2003 & David Tao is No 2 with Spring Breeze!!!!!! Is this our David or some other David Tao with a song called Spring Breeze hum? Got to be him rite, cos David is just so amazing. Imma so happy & high now heehee. Then looking 4 blogskins, saw one 4 David in the categories celebrity, dark, masculine, music & simple >>>>>>>> so nice. Anyway really like my new skin & tagline, feel so relaxed & at home here.

David's music sheet for I Love You, click to see more, not sure where I got it from so credit 2 the person who posted it first.


** dracolshian ** said...

Hurray for the new album release! David has a song, Spring Wind in the debut album. Most probably, their Breeze=Wind..=)

Zhao said...

yeah, I noe dracolshian, but just wondering if Spring Wind considered jazz, thot its more accapella, r&b

Peter said...

hey, would you happen to still have the sheet music that was linked to this?