Isn't this the most gorgeous pix ever? Eason guesting @ HK Soul Power concert. Credit as ever to davidcn, haf to post it for skybelle hehehehehehehehe. Well 11/20 here & gone, happy dat David kept his promise & showed up @ Changsha. Oso it seems his new album release will now be Jan 2005 latest & China concerts around April/May 2005. Hope he will stay around a bit longer dis time, maybe do a media interview or appear as guest on sum entertainment show. Its been 2 long dat I haf to keep posting pixs to remind what he look like!

Okie Lynn, plse email me if u still wanna My Anata mv, haf compressed it & save into Yahoo briefcase. The quality real bad unfortunately but still watchable. So email me 4 username & password alrite. I dun know why my files r disappearing but not much I can do abt it. But be patient & soon haf sum webspace to upload files. U find that the more difficulties I encountered the more try to overcome. So if sumone is trying to be funny on this blog, dun waste yr time.

Btw Zoe, Jordan Chan did release his Nightlife concert vcd wif My Anata in it, & on the live concert dvd wif Ekin Cheng, noticed they did Blue Moon.

Oso on a sidenote found this anti music industry site, altho a bit extreme, agreed wif sum of their views. When u hear & see so much of an artist, u r brainwash to believe the hype. When a song is played so many times on radio, tv, music store & shopping centres, u think it must be good even tho its just user friendly cos yr brain accept it without having to think much abt it. So yr musical expectations r lower & u continue to accept music manufactured 4 mass appeal. So when u hear music a bit more complex & less user friendly, it become harder to accept. Its like what Jim Lee, respected Taiwanese producer & David's friend, said on Ultrasound docu that not all mass appeal pop music are bad but its like if u keep teaching kindergarten stuff to older kids, u can't expect them to understand stuff that r a few levels up. So how can music progress if it stuck on the same level all the time? Anyway all dis just to console myself to wait patiently 4 David's new album. I sincerely hope like his previous albums, he is able to take Chinese music up another level.
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This is cute heehee, haf to post & another credit to davidcn. Sry to post so much from you guys but we chinese challenged fans r desperate 4 another David fix.


Anonymous said...

hey zhao, did you post that pic up for me? ;O) Thanks, sweetie! =O)...........Know what, I nose-bleed liao....=P

But of all the pics you posted, I love, love, love the lil clip he appeared in Dong Feng, my goodness, THAT DIMPLES!!!! Aaaahhhhhhhh..............not only nose-bleed but also faint liao..... =P =P

Thanks for all the pics, the clips, this is the highlight of my day! =O)

/ Skybebe (Victoria)

Zhao said...

I oso *faint* when I saw the clip, so adorable, actually avator of admin @ davidcn, hope they mind me posting cos its too priceless not to kekekekekekekekeke