Okie watch the Studio Classroom program & its kinda erm educational & only a short clip of David singing Rain, so watch only if yr a big fan or wanna free lesson on english kekekekekekekekeke. Anyway feel so proud of David that westerners teaching english to chinese should use him as subject. One of the things they said was he makes music that matters. So true, his music not just entertainment but so satisfying 4 the soul. Oso he successfully blends the best of east & west in his songs so guess its appropriate they used him to teach english. Well hope David knows abt this & maybe help him to recover & take better care of himself cos DAVID, WE NEED YOU BACK IN ASIA! Its a sad, sad, sad place without yr music to bring hope & cheer. Waiting anxiously 4 yr brand new album which u promised to be different wif new musical direction & u want us to listen carefully. But then we always listen carefully to all your albums.
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