The french version of China Radio International featured David below rough tran:
After its fourth album, HeiSeLiuDing , which means in French "black Clementine", the king of the R&B Taiwanais David CAT is back finally with the exit of its album very awaited " the musical way "!

David CAT is one of the largest singers of R& B taiwanaise since the appearance of its first album entitled DAVID CAT , published in 1997. This destiny almost seems to run of source for this young man born in Hong Kong of a famous father and a mother singer of Pekinese opera.

After honourable secondary studies in Taiwan, it leaves to study in California in Los Angeles. It chooses to learn psychology and the cinema there. A 23 years, in the store of disc where it works, it meets a famous artist taiwanais, Wang Yi Ping. This meeting will mark the beginning of the career of David who then decides to make music his trade.

After does its return to Taiwan, it take part in the realization of various albums like that of L.A BOYZ in 1995, and lends its voice for certain songs of Ronald Cheng, Alex To, or of Ah Mei? A list which could not be exhaustive. In 1997, it leaves its own album: DAVID CAT . On blue bottom, the cover of the small pocket is very discrete.

The majority of the written and composed songs being written by David CAT, the album assert resolutely a style R&B. Associées with very beautiful melodies, the words are also very touching. The ballades as I COILS YOU or BLUE MOON give you shivers so much the melodies are beautiful. The songs as OUR COILS and YES NO SONG are rather merry.

This same year 1997 was profitable for the singer who received various prices of which that of the young talent of the year. Moreover, it entered the American charts like the best Asian singer. Lastly, to crown the whole, at the time of a concert given in 1999, the great sizes of the pop canto, such as Anita Mui and others..., rose to acclaim it at the end in the concert.

The second album, left in 1999, proposed quelquechose of a little different since that with the usual R&B also a little rock'n'roll cohabits. And, it comprises an electronic modification of the voice. Always also sympathetic but can be too original for the Asian public. Lastly, it quietly prepares its third album in Los Angeles. David is really a musician of talent which I hope for it will leave his next album very soon.

Now the Italian version oso haf feature on him. Again rough tran:

In last the two years a R&B big wave has upset all the world of the Chinese POP. Currently many Chinese young singers embrace this interesting musical kind and to the contempo rilassato in order to interpret their songs: and Tao Zhe neither is sure one of the first and most professional ones.

Tao Zhe is been born in 1969, from parents of Shanghai. E' grown to Taiwan, hour lives in the USA has begun to reveal its ability to composer to the beginning of years ' 90, spreading various witnesses and songs for many singers POP. From the composition of the witnesses and the melodie to the finished product it has made road gradually and has become a true professional of music. In 1997 he has published its first disc omonimo "Tao Zhe" that has collected immediately a large one happening. The reasons of its popolarità are its enthusiasm for music, its diligenza, its peculiar and personal musical style the much and its western musical base.

It has integrated the R&B of the artists of color to the folkloristic songs of Taiwan, turning upside down with succeeding new the traditional style and adding linfa to music POP of Taiwan. Its R&B has been considered the beautifulr and characteristic R&B than unwrapped, natural, luminous and animated Taiwan, loved from nearly all the Chinese young people. It has obtained also many musical acknowledgments in the several premiazioni.

Tao Zhe is not a singer-idolo, does not take part to the publicity, to films or television film, dedication only to music, giving itself the best of if same in the creation of beautifulst and more also musics.

"I try same me" is one of the known reasons more than Tao Zhe, the text is fantasioso and interesting and tells of a young person to the search of if same in the past.

Here an other lyric reason of Tao entitled Zhe "the Moon represents the heart of who", that it has been rielaborato from a Chinese traditional reason "the Moon represents my heart". The text says: "E' guilt of the moon of this romantica evening therefore that me renders nervous, in fact has not happened null, that the evening only made a po' cold and to the unexpected one it is difficult to abandon the love; the Moon curve was in the sky, and saw that we were been involved from a irrazionale and blind love, does not have null juror, my kiss was in your shoulders and sang to low voice in yours orecchia: I wonder how much was deep my love for you, how much was deep my love for you, my love is much sincere one and the moon represents my heart... "

I think "I try same me" is Find myself? Its nice that David has online articles in diff langs.

Here's a review of Wounds of Passion where one of the roles is played by Tao Dawei, David's dad.

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