Clip of David @ 11/20 Changsha Sprite concert alredi posted @ davidcn. He looked really great like the above pix, hairstyle almost the same but longer in front & without the streaks. Oso he was wearing the same jacket lol, but wif a diff tee. This was press conf in Beijing last yr & he was sick too, maybe this jacket is reserved when he is sick haha. Anyway I haf clip of this conf so upload into briefcase (as well Bastard remix) if u wanna watch it. Quite nice, oso autograph session where davidcn members were on hand to greet & give him medicine & lip balm. Honestly they r the most hardworking David fans ever. David in the Changsha concert actually change one line in Shanghaied to say sumthing like 'returning to Zhe Fu home' or sumthing like that, so sweet.

Oso upload another clip where he sang Spring Wind in sum event in Beijing this yr Jan.

Guess what, he wearing the same jacket kekekekekekekekke but dun think he was sick. He was cute when singing cos they kept giving him flowers & he ended up carrying so many. Really like this performance of Spring wind. Btw credit to tao-zhe.com for both clip & pix.
During the Changsha concert, a fan rushed up on stage to hug him hehehehehheheheh but I can understand why cos David really, really shuai when he was singing, & he smiled ever so sweetly when they yelled out, "Tao Zhe wo ai ne!"

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