Okay, let's start again with a new skin. BTW thx 4 all yr comments.


Anonymous said...

Hi Zhaodi, I am glad to see that you've "returned" and hopefully "recovered".

if you should ever feel this despaired and disappointed again, my suggestion is that you take some time off, and listen to the first 4 songs of the Black Tangerine album.

I am sure you will find a lot of hope, strength and love in His (God's) and his (David's) music. As for the "seemingly never-ending rumours", perhaps you'd like to start seeing them more like "unconfirmed news which hopefully will be confirmed by reliable sources". there is not much use in thinking about what we have no control over.

Take care, be strong and keep the faith. and as David has been reminding us in the videos shown at his Soul Power concerts, don't ever forget the power of hugging! so here's the first one for you! (hugs) "jia you"!! :)

~ fei, 09 Nov 04 Tues

Zhao said...

Hi hi fei, yes, haf been listening to Black Tangerine & Dear God, that's y post Black Tangerine lyrics heehee. Great minds think alike huh, so sweet of u, yes , we must jia yu, David must jia yu too.