Okie Lynn I haf upload My Anata again, both file I upload seemed to haf been removed. I hope nobody is trying to sabotage this blog cos its very tiring otherwise. Basically if u dislike David, plse just refrain from visiting. Or maybe sumone is trying to prevent file sharing. Plse note I only share those files that r hard to get or those dat David fans will not normally buy anyway. Oso most r his old songs & mvs which he would already haf received royalties. I share my files responsibly without trying to deprive David. Oso dun wanna put any restrictions & haf ppl registering @ the forum just to dl files. I feel as a community of David fans we should be open & welcoming to anyone wanting to know more abt David. If ppl chose to remain anonymous, dat their perogative but plse refrain from sabotaging my blog. Its a waste of yr & my time, not to mention fans who geninuely want to know more abt David.


Anonymous said...

Zhao, yup, its me the one who wants to sing DT's song at my wedding...........=P

And today, you go and post another GORGEOUS pic of him! This is one of my fav pic (but if only it wasn't an advertorial poster)! I'll want to blow up and cover one of my room walls with it......=O)The Pic So MAN! Okay, nose-bleed liao....hahahahahaha! =O)

Keep up the fantastic work!!! =O)

/ Skybebe

Zhao said...

Hi Skybebe so haf u decided which song to sing? So excited 4 u (*___') yeah luv this pix, so mysterious & man heehee.

miao said...

sorrie ar, where do you upload these files? i cant seem to find them..

Zhao said...

*sigh* either sumone removed them or ppl dling like mad. sry Clover, need to find other file hosting site. Stay tuned ;)

miao said...

haha ok..
meanwhile, i'll jus curse and swear at whoever sabotaging this.. =p