The latest, most recent 'heartstopping' pix of David courtesy <3<3<3 davidcn!!!!!! His hair really long now heehee but totally adorable. Here sum news reports links if u noe chinese

The first talked abt the atmosphere vry high when David, 'R&B godfather' heehee, appeared lotsa fans rushed from their seats to the front of the stage. If not for security, David would haf been pulled off stage. David sang 3 songs & still recovering from cold, his voice a bit hoarse (poor David) but his fans still vry high & kept calling his name, holding up his posters & banners. Some local fans even called their friends on their cellphones so can listen to him sing live.

The second talked about the 30 davidcn fans coming from Changsha, Shanghai & HK to support David. David was vry moved & said that he used to envy Wang Lee Hom for having such a strong fanbase, now his own fanbase Davidcn oso not bad giving him so much support (see I was right abt him wanting lotsa support). David rewarded his fans by getting tables removed immediately so can haf group pix (how sweet, hope can see soon). When asked abt his Ultrasound plans to married by 2005, starting filming by 2007 and be director by 2010, David laughed & said he already forgotten all these plans as he is now totally immersed in his new album. David oso said that even tho he haf cms & promos, the most important is still his music cos if he spend too much time on commercial activities, then his music making will be affected (meaning we dun see so much of him but its ok, his music more important).

Okie as promised bringing latest updates to u guys 4 all yr encouragement & support. Oso plse stayed tuned as this blog will be updated soon & be much better thanx to u guys, I determined to support David for as long as I can.

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