Such a gorgeous pix credit to davidcn.com. Just sum more update abt Studio Classroom. They haf radio & tv programs online too & it seemed David will be featured November 11-13. Not sure if its actual interview in which we actually get to hear David talking in english! TV program sound interesting - Coffee Corner is a 30-minute TV program. On the program, our English teachers read and review today's article taught in Studio Classroom magazine. Sometimes the teachers have special guests. Sometimes they show video clips and special features. Not sure if David will be featured or a special guest??? Still can tune in to find out. Here r links to access:

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Anonymous said...

zhaodi, may i know where the info that we can hear DT's voice online on 11-13 Nov appears in the website? i can't seem to find it... help.. wld like to share this info at DaveTen. Thanks!

~ fei