This pix courtesy tao-zhe.com is Sprite promo in Changsha & can see David's image behind, so cool. David will appear 11/7 wif Jaycee & Boyz to take part in Music Star competition. Ohhhhhhhhhh nooooooo saw on tom.com that David haf cancelled his webchat on 11/5 cos he is sick. I am so nervous now, hope he is okay. If he dun appear @ Changsha, I really be worried. DAVID, HOPE YOU GET WELL SOON!!!
Answering Fei, if u go to this link u see the list of articles that will be featured radio online. On the left, it has Today's article & title of the article featured & date. The World According to Pixar is featured on Nov 4, & David Tao will be featured Nov 11-13, just click on the earphones & u will be connected but must haf Real player. Its not live but recorded & the sound vry clear. Oso if u click on this radio link, it will take u to the page where u can choose yr connection. See if I can dl it when David's program on so can share wif u guys okie.

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