A heavy summmons lies like lead upon me,
And yet I would not sleep ------- Shakespeare

So here's another post *sigh* a pix & a hug

I got to thinking abt the album I want David to do. At first I wanted an english album but dun think its sumthing he would feel comfortable in doing right now. So the next best thing is an album of the songs he wrote for others. I was gonna do poll @ the forum but dun noe how to do mutiple vote & too lazy to learn how, oso nobody seems to be voting, posting or anything so why bother. So here's the list:

1. Ronald Cheng's Thinking of your love
2. LA Boyz's Kingston Man's Dream
3. A-Mei's Wonder Why
4. Leo Ku's Don't say you don't know
5. Karen Mok's I understand
6. Eric Suen's Midnight Blue
7. Tony Leung's Wind and Sand
8. Jasmine Leong's I already know
9. Tension's Our Story
10. Jordan Chan's 0932
11. Alex To's Love Love Love
12. Sarah Chen's Not Lover not friend
13. Eason Chan's Live for today

I choose only 1 from each singer, but oso wanna hear him to do Tony Leung's Last Dance cos such a great song but Tony is not the best singer. Then Eric Suen's Definite, Karen Mok's Beautiful, lots more from A-Mei, Tension & LA Boyz. So I suppose haf to be a 2 disc album hehehehehehehehehehe.

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