B4 davidorg went down, there was a lovely thread talking abt the band behind David & Soul Power. Here can see all of them including the five backup singers. One of the things I like abt Soul Power concert was David's interaction wif the band & they were vry much part of the concert not just there to support him. I like the end of Runaway where he yelled out, "Take it away" then left the stage leaving the band to show off their immense music skills. It was like an impromptu jamming session so high & heralded the arrival of Tension. Then of course wif Kung Pao Chicken & My Anata, the 5 backup singers came upfront to sing & play along wif David. U need vry talented musicians to be so visible on stage & David certainly knew how to chose them. Here a brief rundown on the members of Soul Power Concert band:

Musical director/keyboardist - Goh Kheng Long
Altho can't find heaps on him, Kheng Long is well known in Singapore as the award winning musician who arranged Rainy Day for Stefanie Sun. Kheng Long is behind a lot of successful singers from A-Mei to Jasmine Leong. He is extremely well respected musician in Asia & his keyboard skills haf left many ladies enchanted but sry girls he is taken heehee.

Violinist - Joanna Yeoh

Vry talented, vry beautiful, visit her website & find out more abt this gorgeous violinist.

Keyboardist - Mei Sheum

Well known jazz pianist in Singapore. Read more abt her, more abt her work wif others, her cd entitled Mei Sheum & Friends - I Remember You.

Percussionist - Mohamed Noor

The most sought after percussionist in Asia, read more abt him here

Drummer - Lewis Pragasam

Lewis is vry much into fusion music & oso vry sought after in Asia. Review & River Rhythm where Lewis was involved.

Bassist - Andy Peterson aka "the green man"

Known as the top bassist in Asia.

Guitarists - James Wilson & Fauzi Samin
Not much on them but they r well known musicians in Asia & haf worked wif the others as well as many singers such as A-Mei, Jacky Cheung & Wang Lee Hom.

Backup singers - Andrew Chu, Josh Chen, Goh Kah Beng, David Tan Tat Wei & Rick Low Swee Cheong
Andrew Chu is well known in HK & Josh haf wrote & produced 4 Tension.


Anonymous said...

Zhao, you noted a very special and important element in David's concert that is not apparent in the other concerts I've been to. His band takes centrestage as much as he does and I enjoy that cos really they contribute to the concert being a success! So what better way to acknowledge them then to truly engage them in the concert! I thot David's concert was a true testimony of this fact!

My favourite guy in the band, after David of course, is Andy Peterson! At the concert and in the concert DVD, he looks like he's having fun and I especially love it when he jives, dances as he strums his bass guitar!!! Love it! =O)

/ Skybebe (Victoria)

Zhao said...

Hi skybelle, thx yr comments, u always haf such insightful things to say.

Anonymous said...

heehee....zhao, your insightfulness must've rubbed off on me....or we're just both very insightful people... ;O)

Anyway, recollecting David's concert just brings back the happy memories, the elation and then the sudden "heart seizure" of 'the concert's ended, when's he coming back again?'.... *sob*

Reading about his fans all over the world, I used to think his fans belong to a minority of all fans in the Chinese music industry, that we're non-mainstream. He must've done well to educate us to appreciate a deeper sense of music than just repetitive sounds of a melody (the tendency of commercial songs and commercials which are connoted as "having a catchy tune" - bleah!).

The davidcn members are one happy, lucky bunch! I hope all of us here in Singapore will have the chance one day to take a group pic! And I hope David will consider staging a series of concerts in Australia (including Melbourne which I'll be moving to in a few months).....less chance of me reading or watching him in the news.....*bawling*

Zhao said...

Skybelle, I luv yr comments & agreed wif u dat David is educating us to appreciate better music. U inspire to write a post abt dat heehee. Anyway dun worry abt not getting news abt David cos my blog will continue to update so long as u haf net access. Oso plse plse plse send me a pix of yr wedding <3<3<3 luv to post in blog - David fan getting married singing David's song in wedding kekekekekekekekkekeke

Anonymous said...

heehee....dear zhao, thanks for your kind words.... =O)

Problem with me moving to Melbourne (actually going to a countryside) is that I have limited net access, perhaps once a month if I'm lucky? Net access in country Australia or rather specifically, the state of Victoria is not very good where I am unless I'm in the town area, which is not where I am. I'm near the mountains, near a ski resort.

Okie, I'll send you pics or video of my singing at the wedding only if I think its good or I look good, either way....hahahaha! Egoistic me! =P

On another note, I read previously that David wondered if he should have wrote and sang the song, "Bastard". To me, I think he did right! He comes across more real, more human and I found it better to relate to him knowing that he gets mad and angry at things like people scratching his car (which was what "inspired" him to write the song) and not be all 'holy, holy'. I love listening to "Bastard" when certain things in daily life "piss me off".... =P Its like a way to vent.....wonderful!!! =P

/ Skybebe (Victoria)

Zhao said...

I believe Telstra haf satellite 4 ppl in remote areas to access net, friend of mine told me it was set up so could teach children in remote areas. Anyway hopefully u will be able to be onine to leave such insightful msgs. It will be wonderful if u could send video of yr singing I Love You & sure u look gorgeous heehee. Yes, David does writes songs based on ordinary things in life. Bastard is a great song, haf u heard the remix where he add some christmas carols at the end? Its really creative!

vic said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Zhao

Yup, heard Telstra has connection in the countryside but not where I am....too ulu oreadi. =P

Nope, I haven't heard that Bastard remix with carols at the end. Which album has that? I wanna hear!!! =O)

p.s. I made a mistake in my previous post and deleted it....any possibility to delete it completely? =P Thanks.

/Skybebe (Victoria)

Zhao said...

Sry skybelle dun haf control ovr the comments, & if u delete it, apparently still show which defeats the purpose of deleting. I can try & hide the comments for this post if u wanna okie.

Anonymous said...

Its okay, Zhao. Thanks though......=O)