DT & Mussorgsky

Looking vry adorable but tired. David attended a 530 commemorative concert in China for 512 Sichuan earthquake. There was a section where they showed support from overseas Chinese living in Japan, Australia, France & USA & so appropriately David, Leehom, Yanzi, Shin & other overseas Chinese performers mostly from Taiwan sang Hand in Hand. Watch here.
David looking like the soon-to-be director ^__^ arranged the various vocals during rehearsal. Once again marvelled at his ability for music arrangement cos the result was just great. He was cute when he kinda encouraged them to hold onto the last note. My fav singer was Shin cos his voice was as usual pure & ringing.
The group rehearsing onstage. Looking at him makes me so happy. Anyway I managed not to delete the blog but it was vry close. Kept listening to his new song & gave me a lot of comfort. Realised that he could have been inspired by Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition with the opening piano solo sounding like a promenade. Really rather beautifully mournful & reminded me that I used to listen to Mussorgky when I wanted to be inspired. Mussorgsky wrote this my fav piano piece almost as an eulogy to his deceased friend Victor Hartmann when he went to his postmortem art exhibition.
I was hoping that David wrote a more raging song like Dear God but I think it would have sounded wrong. How can one rage against a natural occurence like an earthquake? It's already a miracle to have survived an earthquake. WaWa's simple lyrics are heart-touchingly sincere & the melody has to be suitably restrained. Also it was not really directly affecting David so he wrote it more as a spectator like Mussorgsky mourning the death of a friend not a relative. He had to write it this way I think or it would have sounded fake.


Yanki said...

Please don't delete this blog!! I stand by you always! You know, even if the world is just not like the same before, we still have to live in our better way. I believe this is also DT's hope!

Support you always! Your blog brighten my days!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Hurray for Zhaodi! Welcome back :)...jb

anne said...

Thanks for keeping up the faith, this blog is cool!
Agree with u that DT looks more like a director now, acty he looks so down to earth with his spectacles, I simply love it.
Yes, the lyrics of haohaohuoxiaqu is simple; it's so appropriate for the people; the children and the villagers--simple words, simple to understand, yet just wanting to touch them in a heartfelt way.

Jiayou wor!

anne said...

I found this clip: DT teaching the children, pre-celebrating world children's day...


Zhao said...

Thanks so much yanki & jb. Yay for yr link Anne, thanks again.