Will DT meet panda?

DT all serious & frowny while meeting the press re his new song, watch sina newsclip. He seems vry antisocial lately, poor Dave. He promised he will finish his script by 4/09 & that his movie will see the light of day nxt yr. I think ppl are a bit tired of yr film script, dear DT, just let us see the finished product when & if you are done ^__^ He cautiously said that Yanzi is still his preferred leading lady but nothing is confirmed yet. I do like the idea of him working with Yanzi cos they certainly looked like they work well together so fingers crossed. Anyway if it really happens, he will be the envy of many directors heehee also they might wanna consider dating so David can move to Singapore *__* sry just joking. Seriously I sincerely hope that he can get it together to direct & produce his first movie nxt yr. He also recorded msg for earthquake relief:

DT is currently working on getting his album out Nov. I don't know cos although I do like Continue to live but he seems to have lost some of his fiery drive for inspiring music. Not that I blame him judging from the current state of Chinese music. There's not much good, innovative music around. He was asked abt GMA which is really meaningless since he will not be nominated. Maybe they hope he will come out with something controversial abt GMA again :P I feel sad that it may be his last studio album for some time as there is no news of his renewal of contract with EMI. He too doesn't seem to care & I feel a bit mad at his nonchalance. Also don't think there will be any more concert this yr. But he looks so listless & unhappy that I don't have the heart to cuss him >"< guess so long as he can be happy doing what he wants, that's all that matters.
Here's another cute panda pix ^__^ apparently these 2 are promised to Taiwan so DT may have his wish at last hehe Guess I am getting pandamania on my blog haha just that I nvr knew pandas are so adorable & active. They really love to sport around esp the gorgeous cubs *__*


udonotknowme1 said...

Be strong David!

P.S. Perhaps we should start a tread of motivation on the official site?

Zhao said...

Good idea I guess but I gave up posting there cos ppl just dun bother to respond. Poor DT, yr supporters are shrinking rapidly :(