DT rest well

This is the David I like - simple, unadorned & reaching out to his fans. As expected, most of the media pixs featured him with his many female dancers. I sincerely hope in his next series of concerts, he cut out the dancers as someone once said - DT, leave the dancing to Rain ^__^
He had 2 new sets of costume, both I quite like even though they are rather theatrical. This one has his favorite colours, pink & purple. Even though it is vry gaudy, I like the simple lines & it suited the theme of the concert.
This one I like much better. I like the color scheme and clean lines of the design. He looks absolutely charming & dignified in both. The concert tracklist seemed to be similar to Singapore & HK with the inclusion of the disco medley. In the encore he sang Butterfly to the delight of his fans & surprisingly I Like You but not nearly enough. He didn't sing The Art of War & Everything Gone to the dismay of his fans. But still no matter what he sang or didn't sing, fans will still complain. He just has too many good songs. The concert is declared a success by both fans & media. He must be the only singer who got 70-80% attendance with the media declaring that his 'renzhi' is still high. I remembered one reporter who couldn't understand why his Quangzhou concert was declared a big success when the attendance was abt 70%. It was later in interviews that David said even he was surprised by the good response as Mandopop concert in Quangzhou was not really well attended so 70% was considered very good. Again with his concerts as with his albums, David tried to be realistic & honest with the results.
So with the Shanghai concert over, not sure if he will (or forced :P) to hold another concert. I hope not cos I think it is obvious he need a long break. His throat has been giving him problems for a long time so he really need to have this problem resolved & not keep taking injections to stop the pain. Even though it meant that we will not have any news of him for some time but I think we can live with that cos we are used to it *__* His health & happiness are more important. Also he has some goodies to look forward to like this Shanghai concert dvd which I am sure will be an absolute gem & his 6th studio album which is still scheduled to be released yearend. Next year DT has declared it his 'movie year' & hopefully he will be left in peace to do exactly that.

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Anonymous said...

I love him in T-shirt and jeans best! He looks best in casual and down to earth clothes. Whenever he wears tacky, theatrical clothes, I feel that he is trying to make his China audience happy. Of course, commercially, China is a HUGE market...I was flabbergasted when I saw him in the sequinned zebra striped shirt and *gasp!* black chiffony black pants at the Singapore concert...thank God he switched back to T-shirt and jeans for the last few songs...*sigh* I was happy again...jb