The return of DT

Already some Shanghai concert clips online to enjoy! First a short newsclip that revealed the opening. It was quite stunning as Airport in 10.30 is heard then a white curtain fell to the ground & taken away. David in a glittery kinda lounge suit strolled majestically onto the stage with 2 bodyguards. He stood silently on the stage for a few secs while the audience cheered wildly. He sure does have a sense of dramatics ^__^ He also reworked the beginning of Can't get you outta my mind to sound Linkin Parkish. This clip shows a few minutes of the ending where he sang a medley including I Like It & High High High. His voice sounded vry good, strong & clear projection & chocolately melting. No doubt abt it - he's still the real thing live. Supposedly the nxt few days may be filled with media speculation abt his love life *sigh* but nothing can take away the allure of his music. The chinese paparazzi always failed to understand one thing abt David. His fans dun care vry much abt the rumors of his private life. We are just concerned that he may get upset. His music is the only thing that fascinates us & maybe later his movies *__*
(All clip links credit & thanks to DTFC)

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