Dear God dear DT

Another series of superb concert pixs from DT fan, credit & thanks to DTFC. Dear DT the thought of you always make me so happy. Listen to Dear God a few times today. Apparently a few stations in China has been using Hand in Hand as background music when showing earthquake rescue footage. Hopefully David can compose another song that is just as stirring.
Links to charities mostly to Red Cross in different countries are up, also included Jet Li's One Foundation if you are his fan & also it is a dependable charity. Donation to Help Panda will go to Wolong Nature Reserve where some is to ensure the giant pandas will not go hungry as they soon be running out of food & water. You may think I am callous to be thinking of the pandas more than ppl. I am not but usually in a natural disaster, animals suffer just as much as or even more than humans.
Some news that David after returning from Shanghai has shut himself up in his home for 2 days to work on his song. However his name has appeared in nationwide charity appeal in China however details are sketchy on when or where the event will be staged. There are already many charity concerts also in Taiwan & HK happening this weekend. Some fans arguing abt whose idol donated more *roll eyes* Vry tiresome I know, who cares so long as they donated. To be honest, most of these activities are merely 'feel good' stuff, done so most ppl can feel relieved that they did something abt it. China will have to bear the consequences of the earthquake for a very long time as they have to rebuild entire towns, roads, infrastructure for electricity & water supply, houses, schools, hospitals, etc.

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