Shanghai concert tonite!

Guess one of the things uppermost on DT's mind now is the weather in Shanghai tonite ^__^ Apparently he will be trying to capture this concert on film again as the last time they could not enough footage cos of the heavy downpour. This lead me to speculate whether it was cos of his contract obligation to release a Shanghai concert dvd that he is staging another concert so soon. He has been doing a lot of things that are out of character lately *sigh* but guess we will nvr know the real situation as David vry seldom 'wash his dirty linen in public' so to speak. But of more concern to most of his fans is the problem with his throat & his health. Although I believe David is a cautious man & if there is really a major problem with his throat, he will probably postpone the concert. So I sincerely hope it is more a fatigue & stress related problem cos he has been looking vry tired & stressed out *heart pain*
He has been secretly photographed again *roll eyes* this time in Hangzhou where he had dinner with a female anchor of a local entertainment show. They made it sound as if they are having a clandestine lovers rendezvous. Actually they were quite open abt it as they even went for a stroll around the famous West Lake. There has been a lot of rumors abt their relationship since early this yr & since David did confessed that he has been dating someone from the entertainment business so it could well be true. If its true, hope both media & his fans will cut him some slack. After all he is a man pushing forty & it really not surprising that he is dating cos how else is he gonna get married if he doesn't date? So let's be mature abt it. However some chinese fans not too please with his choice though as she doesn't seem his type. She also has a short marriage before, married in 2006 & divorced in early 2007. There is of cos speculation that David is the 'third party' *big sigh* but the timing is off since they only started dating this yr when she is already divorced. Guess this just add to his badboy composer image ^__^ Anyway so long as David is happy & can at last get married & have children, it should be good news rite? Just putting it for the record here in case this thing escalated into the major chinese newsite. Just hope that he handled it well this time not like the last time. Although with hindsight, I think he tried vry hard then which could be why he refused to speak out abt it as he wasn't sure it was going to work. Poor David, hope it will be successful this time. Of cos my best wishes for good weather & a successful concert in Shanghai. Dearest David, no matter what whether its love, music or movies, I will always be here supporting you.


joanne said...

Dear David, I will also always support your choice :) Hope you find your own happiness very soon!!! And move to Singapore then, like what you said before..haha!! Let your kids be educated in Singapore, hee~~

udonotknowme1 said...

DT should stop swallowing his phlegm so he can get well instead of always having coughs haha.

He's lucky to have good fans too. All the best to him.

Zhao said...

Hi Joanne & Sukyee, thanks for yr comments. Think we all wish DT the best & hope he can settle down soon :D But its scary that I find this new rumored gf look a bit like younger version of his mom but maybe just me :P