Sichuan Live Aid?

A big thank you to Janice for following charity concert update:
Canto-pop singers set to join stars in LA, London concerts
(SCMP) 05月 21日 星期三 00:03AM
A Los Angeles-based international sports and entertainment presenter is planning large concerts in Los Angeles and London featuring eastern and western pop stars to raise funds for victims of the Sichuan earthquake.
AEG, which has presented concerts by Justin Timberlake, Bon Jovi, The Eagles and Alicia Keys in the United States, is hoping to stage the two concerts in the last two weeks of next month. Sources close to the organisers said planning was still in the initial stages but it was hoped that stars such as Jacky Cheung Hok-yau, Andy Lau Tak-wah, Taiwan's David Tao Zee, Jolin Tsai Yi-lin and Jay Chou Jie-lun, would participate.
A source said the concert format might be similar to that of the Live Aid benefit concerts, which occurred in cities around the world on the same day. "Organisers have just made the decision and they are still working around the stars' schedules," the source said. "It is hoped that the shows can be broadcast live around the world."
Cheung's manager, Florence Chan Suk-fan, confirmed that AEG had contacted her and record companies about the possibility of taking part. She said there would be a meeting with AEG executives this week.
"There have been a lot of charity events around the region to raise funds for quake victims," she said. "I'm not sure what they are hoping to do yet but I should have a better idea after the meeting."
Meanwhile, the arts community in Hong Kong also plans to raise funds for earthquake victims. Chung Ying Theatre Company will have an additional show of Tuesdays with Morrie on June 8 at Hong Kong City Hall's Theatre. Proceeds of the performance, starring veteran actor Chung King-fai, will go to Oxfam for relief work in Sichuan.
Hong Kong Repertory Theatre will dedicate one of next month's De Ling & Empress Dowager Ci Xi performances at Cultural Centre's Grand Theatre as an "earthquake relief" special.
"Although it is going to be in June, the earthquake aftermath will be a long-term struggle for those who are still alive," Hong Kong Repertory Theatre executive director Chan Kin-bun said.
More details of the performance would be announced later and proceeds would go to the Home Affairs Bureau for earthquake relief. Theatre group Nonsensemakers will donate all the proceeds of its June 26 To Love Somebody performance at the Cultural Centre's Studio Theatre to the Hong Kong Red Cross China Relief Fund.
It will be nice if David can do the LA one then his US fans will be able to see him live in concert at last. Although I know I am vry cynical abt charity events but it is just heartwarming to see so much effort to help. I also a bit worried abt David's condition during the Taiwan's charity event as he looked extremely listless & kept forgetting lyrics. Hope he is feeling better now.


Anonymous said...

Charity event behind the scenes on Hei Ren's vlog.

approx 1 min of DT :)


Janice said...

You are welcome :) (Your name is zhaodi rite?)

yes, it's worrying. he looks rather worn, prob from jet lags maybe?

Zhao said...

Thanks so much anon for the link :) Hi Janice, I think probably cos he was working on his earthquake song which he has complete!

JIEMEI said...

Please keep us posted if he will perform in the states (los angeles in particular)! I'm so thankful to hear this news though. I really hope I will get to see him someday perform.