Unsung heroes

DT looking like he hasn't slept for a few days.
An overwhelming feeling of helplessness perhaps? I too feel the same as the earthquake death toll kept rising & China officially declared 3 days of mourning. Most chinese newspapers & websites also kept to a b/w theme & apparently most entertainment & gaming sites will be inaccessible for the next 3 day. DTFC dutifully changed their bg to b/w. Sina.com launched a green ribbon program. Green for life, hope, peace & for the 'brothers in green' meaning the PLA soldiers who worked tirelessly to save any survivors.
How appropriate cos I too want to single them out cos they are the real unsung heroes of the earthquake. These men in green & rescuers in their distinctive orange uniforms. They keep on working so hard day & night risking their lives in any kind of weather with very little praise, support or reward. You should see them as cameras & microphones are poked into their faces but they never lose their cool & always have an encouraging smile despite looking fatigued. I will never know all your names but I salute you all wholeheartedly for all your valiant efforts to help and comfort those in need.
From the sublime to the ridiculous in HK where a schoolgirl from an elite school wrote an extremely distasteful post in her blog where she claimed that she was not at all affected by the Sichuan disaster & that to her, it was a good thing since it will eliminated overcrowding in hospitals, schools, etc. She felt it was better to donate to the pandas. She had been forced to apologise & later closed down her blog. Maybe it was a hoax, I don't know but the thing is you can't force ppl to change overnite. Yes, it is nice to have charity concerts & donation drives where ppl donate usually cos it is the rite thing to do.
The thing is I won't even kid myself that DT is being extremely kind & generous by writing a song, donating money & singing in charity concerts. He is just doing the basics. As a celebrity always in the limelight, he can hardly refuse & of cos he also wants to help. But can he really help? Can he stop the floods, the mudslides, the outbreak of diseases or even the grieving? The trouble with charity events is they are really selfserving for the donors to feel good abt themselves. Not that I am against them but sometimes I wonder if all of it is geuinue. Maybe deep down some of them felt exactly like the HK schoolgirl. That only an elite few is privileged to occupy the spaces on earth & an earthquake just cleared the debris *sigh*


M said...

hello babe,u put an extra 'http://' for the Singapore red cross link..so it can't link to the page..thanks for making the effort to put up the links though..

Zhao said...

Thanks, fix it already :)