1 day to 510 Shanghai concert

Oops sorry wrong info below! DT was not in Shanghai yesterday but in Taipei where he created headlines just by going to see a throat specialist. Must be a slow news day ^__^ As usual he is extra-cautious before his concert by wearing face mask so as not to catch cold or maybe he is still having his perennial cold. I am beginning to suspect he might be a bit of hypochondria where his throat is concerned esp when there is a concert. Hopefully he can have a long break after 510 concert & not have to perform in the nxt few mths. He really need some rest, poor BB. I feel heartpained whenever I see pixs of him with his face mask >"<
After visiting the doctor, David went to attend first a wedding & then Wang Zhi Ping's birthday celebration where apparently he sang Beatles' Don't let me down. Kinda strange choice of song. Here's pix of Wang with daughter Joanna who is behaving rather contradictory. She keeps saying she wants to depend on her own talents to make it big yet is not at all adverse to using her father's fame for promotion. She is apparently repackaging her debut album with a bonus 2 songs specially recorded for her dad's birthday. Maybe its time for daddy's little girl to grow up :P


joanne said...

Poor David!!!!! I am so sad to know he went to see a throat specialist... Pls David don't strain your throat anymore. Let it have a good rest after this round of concert world tours..

Zhao said...

Hi Joanne, yeah let's hope David can have a good rest soon :)