DT earthquake appeal msg

David has recorded a msg to encourage ppl to donate generously to help China with the earthquake crisis:

Glad to see some msgs of support but unfortunately the shoutbox is rather limited but if you do wanna post a long msg, go ahead in the blog comments & let me know if you want me to post it on the blog. Let's do this for DT for he will be delighted to see his fans help him get his msg across. For donations, apparently the best & quickest way is China Redcross so I posted up their badge. I will be posting a few more links for donations in different countries. Apparently EMI has announced that they will be organising activities whereby their stars like David, Jolin & Stefanie can help in the donation drive.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for speaking up and trying to encourage us to make our donations. Also, I am looking forward to listen to DT's new song that will help bringing more relief.

My deepest sympathy goes to the families of the China Earthquake and survivors. Stories and pictures are extremely heartbreaking.

Also, here is another trustworthy Web Portal where you can make your online donations.


Every contribution counts. Please help!


Zhao said...

Thanks Noshka :)