Sympathy for pandas & DT

The high cost of the China earthquake also included almost 100 pandas whose fate is still unknown. I always think of David when I see a panda cos he once said candidly that he hoped to see a real panda. I don't know but to me a man who can say something like that is without subterfuge. So I believe him when he said he was not on a date in Hangzhou & just asking help from a friend to buy a house there for his dad. I believe him when he said he is currently single & not in a relationship. Even though the tabloids try to portray him otherwise, I believe he is an innocent victim. Maybe its cos they tried so hard to make him into this evil villain who goes after young, voluptuous models & is now suspected to have ruined someone's marriage. I am stubborn like that. I also cannot totally believe when a star is portrayed as shy, virginal, generous, good & perfect :P
Not to mention the tabloids have yet to produce evidence of him being controversially intimate with a woman. I being really intimate not just putting his hands on her shoulders. Its like what Eason said: controversial depends on which country. Like someone was shocked when she saw him pecked a starlet hello on the cheek. My dear, that's just good manners when a gentleman meet a lass but obviously not in Singapore ^__^ Oh I forgot to mention that David also took pixs of himself with his lady friend in Hangzhou but unfortunately for the media, they were fully dressed :P Which reminded me that one of the most bizzare excuses for downloading the HK sex photos was from a girl in mainland China who claimed she wanted to learn the different positions *????* Man that's just so crazy I actually believe her. Which reminded me I was flabbergasted when I went to visit a friend in Australia & her eight yr old daughter was poring over a vry explicit sex manual with actual photos. See, controversial depends on which country.
To me, flirting is normal & I think David is a man who will flirt a little to make a girl feel good. In France of cos, flirting is considered an art & all Frenchmen flirt no matter how young or old the female. If you watch or listen to David being interviewed by female djs, you will find that sometimes he would flirt a little with them to ease tension. He will also flirt a little with his female fans -- the lovely Shu Ying is of cos a good eg. My how he flirted with her like his 'will you show me around' *__* But if you are perceptive, you will also noticed the slight untouchable aura he wrapped around himself for protection. This is a signal not to take him for real. So I do not believe David is a womaniser or a serial dater.
I know a lot of fans are starting to doubt him with so many rumors abt him in the tabloids. They are disappointed that he is involved with a divorcee so once again he is judged guilty without a trial. I don't know but this time I don't have doubts. I believe in him absolutely. It is just too coincidental when rumors abt this started sprouting in the chinese forums & all of a sudden there are pixs. They kept saying it has been rumored a long time ago so as to put him as 'the third party' but trust me, the rumors were recent. Also the pixs were taken on 4/29 but released just before his 510 Shanghai concert for maximum media exposure. Someone sure knew what they were doing.
I am sorry fans chose to believe the tabloids not him. You know that to clear his name, David sued a notorious magazine in Taiwan who is now being investigated for purchasing personal information of celebrities & politicans from criminal ring probably meaning triads. So I am not being paranoid cos like in HK, publications in Taiwan are also capable of using illegal means. I know I am just rambling now cos I am so saddened by the earthquake & also latest bad news abt DT. But we must be strong & stand up again. We must believe that from the ashes, a phoenix will rise again. Even if nobody on earth believes, I do honestly believe in DT now & forever.


udonotknowme1 said...

For me, if one has watched any of his interviews, truly listened to his music and read his words would believe that these are untrue. It greatly saddens me when people who know nothing about his character make judgements and call him pretentious just because the media says so. These accusations are so contradicting with how he carries himself.

I believe one can only choose to trust or not to trust, you can't be fickle or walk on the middle line.

If DT is who he portrays himself to be, then he is real.

If he is a fake, then I commend him for being able to reflect such dignity and transparency in his manner and music. It takes great acting, focus and control to pull off such an act.

If he has 'changed' then I don't know this person, because he is not the DT I know.

Still, I believe he's shared enough of himself to merit our trust. So I do trust him. The same time, he's constantly fightly both with himself and the world but whatver he decides to keep to himself, I respect that.

Everyone deserves a piece of themselves, right?

Ren said...

I don't know if I should call it naivety, unconditional love, or plain self-denial, but I've been struggling with these conflicting ideas I have of him. I don’t mean to burst your bubble, Zhaodi. I have been a long-time fan of your blog and David’s music for years. It would be easy to walk away and just say 'Damn the tabloids!' and to selflessly defend him time and time again. But seriously, gossips/rumors/tabloids do not always stem from nowhere. Of course, some may be outright false. But there is really this much we can deceive ourselves that certain behaviors are nothing more than neutral friendly gestures. The people involved have the real story, not us. Given the context of a tabloid article, the situation definitely may have been sensationalised to some extent. In any case, time will tell.

I can't say that I exactly know him as a person, and I have no business to use my own value system and culture as a yardstick. David is a person that you either love or hate. He has the talent, power, charms, fame, and of course that comes with the price of lost privacy and media scrutiny. Let’s not forget, he is a grown man, he is single (not married being the definition), and he’s got a brain. Though he values his freedom and rights, I believe he knows better than to be fully vulnerable to the media – i.e when caught unguarded he will have to save himself whatever it takes, including censoring, lying and denying, just like what the other members of the entertainment industry would do. This is a survival instinct to emerge from that jungle alive. If he is indeed a serial flirt and denies it, that is really his personal business. I’m not advocating callous behavior or infidelity but I don’t expect him to be a perfect saint either. For those out there who ever once expected your idol to be a saint, all I can say is, grow up. At the end of the day, remember he is only human, like you and I; abeit one with immense talent and his moments of glory. He also has his own moments of insecurities, doubts and weaknesses.

For me, I shall just enjoy and immerse myself fully in the most fundamental reason that I loved him for (his true talent), for as long as this feeling lasts. Perhaps I’ll be happier that way.

Zhao said...

Hi hi Sukyee :) Taking a break from something complex so I will reply to you gen ^_^ Yeah I did think so many rumors, no smoke without fire so there must be some truth in it & DT is covering up. But the whole affair with its timeline is just too bizzare. First of all the tabloid claimed he is a playboy who likes to date young models mostly from Taiwan. Now they claimed he is having an illicit affair with a married woman in Hangzhou since early last yr before she got divorced. Which meant that while he was dating the models in Taiwan last yr, he was also having a longterm relationship in Hangzhou. He must have a lot of stamina :P If he is a womaniser then why go all the way to Hangzhou? Shanghai is a paradise for men with many many beautiful women. As you said, David has brains so why risked going to Hangzhou for one woman? Unless he is in love & wants to be with her which meant that he hardly be fooling around with other women. She too is not stupid, she is in entertainment & would know abt it so end of affair. Either David is a serial dater or he is having a longterm affair with a maried woman in Hangzhou. The tabloids want us to believe he is doing both, that's like having his cake & eating it too. Somehow I just can't believe it.