Panda relief

Some nice pixs to cheer me up ^__^ Pandas being fed & cared for at Wolong Nature Reserve. 3 still missing though *sigh* Apparently their carers stay behind to look for them despite not having any news from their families. More pixs @ UK Telegraph. Thanks anon below for pointing error in Singapore link, guess nobody else care enough to click on it. Still the news from Sichuan Province have been fairly upbeat & encouraging. The rescue operation & housing for the homeless seem to be well organised. the thing is not to give up hope.
Like the Olympic song, there are now quite a few versions of earthquake relief song. Unfortunately none of them is vry memorable. Not that I am suggesting David will write a better song cos this is certainly not a time for competition. Just hope fans are not gonna start comparing & having a poll on which song is the best. If that happens, hope DT fans will be matured enough not to join in. I am beginning to wish DT is not writing a song esp now it seems Jay will be writing one as well. Anyway a fan posted @ davidtao forum that he or she was disappointed that David didn't do more for the earthquake victims. I am a bit puzzled as to what more he is expected to do. He is not Madonna & cannot save the world in 4 mins ^__^ I am sure most ppl would like to do more but there are already a lot of ppl there - resucers, medical team, volunteers - who are far more qualified to help.
(All panda pixs credit: REUTERS)

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Janice said...

Canto-pop singers set to join stars in LA, London concerts
SCMP Wed May 21

It is said in the article that the famous concert presenter AEG is to organize a fundraising concert for the Sichuan victims in LA and London. It is hoped that it would be a crossover of western and eastern artistes. It is hoped that Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau, Jolin Tsai, Jay Chou AND DAVID TAO would participate in it.

I have high hopes for that.....:)This is something which I believe DT might participate in. They are all superstars of Canto/Mandarin Pop.