2 days to 510 Shanghai concert

David is already in Shanghai rehearsing & making sure everything is ok for his 510 concert. He has also been quoted out of context AGAIN that 'he does not need fans for his gf' thereby making lotsa his female fans vry miffed ^__^ Actually what he said was in reply to a gf question where he said he is not looking for a gf who worships him as idol & so does not need his gf to act like his fan but someone who can challenge him. This was in a Shanghai tv interview where he also made a mini pizza & revealed that he likes pepperoni & bell peppers. He also piled on heaps of bacon which I thought was not vry italian but rather american :P
He seemed vry tired in that interview & I am beginning to suspect too that he is trying to finish up all his music contract obligations as soon as possible so he can film his movie. There could be 2 possible reasons for his alleged prolonging of his 'temporary departure' from music. First could be he wasn't aware of how much he still had to do & how much time it took. Second could be that his mgrs & sponsors got way antsy when he started talking abt taking time off for his movie project cos he may not wanna come back. So they started to pile all sort of work on him in an attempt to delay his departure. Certainly he did the most largescale concert performances last yr in addition to his ongoing series of concerts. He will always put more than 100% into all his concerts of cos but I did noticed some malaise during his interview in Singapore. At one point one of the djs fervently wished him good luck in his concert ticket sales & there was kinda pause as David thanked her awkwardly as if concert sales was the last thing on his mind which could well be the case.
Having a girly fan moment here hehe cos noticed that the scarf he wore in his Big John pixs is the trendy McQ skull scarf worn by almost every young US female celebrity who wanna channel their inner rock babe. First time I seen it on a male celebrity & it kinda ROCKS hahaha Dear DT, such a fashion icon now *__*


Anonymous said...

All the best for your Shanghai concert, DT!! that will be my birthday wish, a good concert!! ... sincerely, Cookie Monster.

Joanne said...

sigh..i envy the shanghai fans..2 concerts in a year..haha..no matter what, i love David! Hereby wish him success and happiness in his shanghai concert this sat 10/5/08.

Anonymous said...

he has no plan for KL? *sobs*...missed the one in sg, becos of exam. :(

Zhao said...

Many happy returns to you dear Cookie Monster, long time no post :D Sry anon, at the moment no plans for KL. Thanks all for yr comments.

dtindo said...

Dear David, let me tell you something.
No matter how much she adored you when you were gf/bf, she will eventually challenge you after you both get married, and even more stubborn than you had expected. So, don't rush the challenge... ha ha... :p j/k.