DT writes for earthquake relief

David has announced through EMI that due to his concern for the earthquake in China, he has the inspiration to write a song which he hopes will help bring relief, comfort & strength to all those affected by the earthquake. He is now overseas (probably in LA) but he will rush back to Taipei to record the song.
At the moment now sure if he will record the song solo or have a bunch of ppl to sing it. I am happy either way & hope that he will do a good job. Hope it will be released as a single & the proceeds donated for earthquake sufferers.
Thanks for yr msgs & just want to make it clear that I am not defending DT. I guess its up to individual whether or not to believe him. Hey I am the one who always collapsed at every little bad news he had in the past ^__^ But now I don't know. Maybe I am stronger or just this gut feeling that he is an innocent victim. It could be I am wrong but I set up this blog for him & I will support him no matter what. If it is really true that he has a problem as a serial love offender, well I will be here supporting him while he get treatment. I think the main thing is to show my support for him.
Still I know I cannot change yr minds if you think he has been lying all this time & you can no longer support him. Still this is a hard time for us all including DT so I brought back the shoutbox if anyone wanna let it out there. Scream, shout, abuse DT if you wanna or show him yr support. Not forgetting of cos our prayers, support & condolences for the earthquake victims. BTW the pandas are safe but the human death toll keep on rising ... I don't know its crazy but tears are rolling down my face & I long so much for DT's song. No matter whether its good or not, I know I will keep listening to it. So DT supporters out there (for sure there must still be some) let unite & show him our support & with his song we will speedsend good wishes, prayers & good weather all the way to China!


Janice said...

I have been reading this blog for quite some time and I appreciate and admire a lot of its host for putting in so much effort in keeping us all informed of David's moves. It's cool that the updates here are so fresh as if you are his assistant or sthg:P
Anyway, I too would like to express my concern for the victims of the earthquake and have high hopes in the impact that DT's song can bring on calling for donations. One thing I really like about DT is that he would really act with a heart and strength.....to be honest, out of so many artists who are now involved in all these fund raising and awareness campaigns for the earthquake, how many of them are really trying to contribute actively and are doing sthg for those poor ones out there. Many of them are just coming out to say a few words, asking ppl to donate with their celebrity endorsement.

I think at times when people try to cast too much expectation on how their idol should be, they overreact or make unfair judgements on them even at the slightest bit of "unfavorable" reportage on their idols. As his supporter, we should accept DT as who he is, isn't that why we cheer and support him? He has a life too and as a genuine fan, if he is leading a life that he is comfortable with, I think outsiders are the least to judge whether he is right or wrong. I mean he is not like committing a crime or murdering someone and none of us here are really the real insiders of the event. Thus, it is rather to unfair to say that he is a serial love killer or womanizer. Plus, even if he really is one, would that blind out our appreciation for him in his talents? I believe he would rather like his fans to acknowledge his music and work rather than his virtues in life; til the end, he is an artist, not a moral teacher.

Shu Ying said...

Agree with you Janice=).
Let's just move on, focus on the big picture and the more meaningful things in life. There is no end to this judging and finger-pointing if even we ourselves fuel it.
Hope the families of the victims stay strong, and let's pray for all of them.

anne said...

DT's musics have been an inspiration to my outlook in life. Though I'm a little shock of his recent rumour, I'm not going to let it affect me and I'll continue to focus on his music and talents. I don't own him and his life so I'll play a good role of being his supporter to his musics.

It was a saddening event happened in Shichuan. Let's all storm prayers from heaven to send down comforts and reliefs to the victims and their families.

Everyone brace up, everyone jiayou!

Veron said...


Let's always bear in our mind that DT always believes that LOVE is our WEAPON!! Will support DT all the way!!! :)

sukyee said...

All the natural disasters happening lately is kind of devastating. It makes me think that anything can happen to anyone now considering how we've messed up the earth!

Let's all pray and remember to do out part.

joanne said...

The truth, the kind of person David really is, we will never ever know in this life time. Cos we are not his family/close friends to know. I like the kind of person he is portraying to me (as a fan), and i love his music and talents. Since the 'truth' is something I will never ever have the chance to find out, there is no point seeking it. David is only human, like all of us. The David I love and support is the one portrayed to us. Let's pray for the earthquake victims and this world. Even without David, we will all still feel for them, isn't it? =)