DT & debuts

Xazz is a new singer/songwriter from Singapore who released her debut album last December. The self-titled album included an acoustic version of DT's Rain. Listen to her album here & its a really nice, simple cover, just the guitar & her soothing voice. Read a long, rambling kinda review on sina.com which basically praised the album, her voice & her bravery in releasing an album that do not cater to the current market. The reviewer compared her to Yanzi, Tanya & Penny, 3 local girls who made it in Taiwan, but felt that she has released her album too late to make any kinda impression. Her album is not that original & there is no outstanding track. If you like Deserts Xuan's 1st album then you are more than likely to like this album. Anyway good luck & best wishes to her & hope she can be successful like Yanzi, Tanya & Penny. Still I think its nice that 2 talented singer/composers chose to cover a song written by David in their debut albums. Both female *girl power* & both albums chose David's simple style of honest production. Its obvious that David's music has influenced them in some way & singing a song written by him in their debut albums is kinda tribute I guess. Also a testament to the lasting power of his songs & the master songwriter he is. Btw thanks guys for all yr updates regarding his Sin concert in April. Unless he has plans for a KL concert, Singapore may well be his last stop this yr.


Anonymous said...

Penny is Malaysian.

Anonymous said...

I don't think SG is his last stop for the year.. I heard he plans to have more concerts in China and possibly in the US later in the year

Zhao said...

Yeah I know Penny from Msia, the reviewer probably meant locals from the same region. A taiwanese reviewer probably not gonna nitpick like that. He was writing abt Xazz not Penny.
For sure DT is planning to have more concerts. He is always saying he plans to have more concerts but sometimes it nvr goes according to plans *sigh* He said he was gonna do 10 concerts last yr but he didn't, did he? Sometimes I hate him for delaying :P