Rising from the ashes

Hey guys, thanks for the msgs. Actually didn't expect anyone to be still reading my blog & putting up with my histrionics. In fact I started the blog cos of these problems, it just so happened to be also abt David Tao cos his music helps me a lot. I know I shouldn't be so overdramatic, expecting David to be perfect but I can't help it. I know its not a big deal, getting drunk. Also I know its not an excuse but was actually rather sick when I wrote the previous msg & just got out today.
Once I had a cat who got into a fight with a dog & almost had his right paw bitten off. The vet told me that he might have to amputate his whole leg if he couldn't repair his damaged paw. I spent the whole nite stressing if I could look after a cat with 3 legs. I also got vry sick & by the time I got out, the cat was fine & didn't even had a limp. So call me callous but unfortunately I am this kinda person. Of cos I knew that I would always love that cat come what may but its just the idea of it -- if u know what I mean.
Anyway did you know David still look vry dashing & charming when drunk? ^__^ Honestly dun really have to come & support my blog u know. Just support David. He is really one of a kind. Can even start a butterfly effect just by getting drunk *__*


Anonymous said...

that was a quick bounce-back! i certainly hope you're feeling better... :)

for me it's not abt supporting this site, it has become a habitual place...very "automatically" will turn to your site for DT news... LOL

on behalf of readers...are we still going to wait till 2008/2/7 for the next entry? hohoho....but of cos, you can take your time, i'm still reading some of your past entries anyway... :P

~ tangerina

udonotknowme1 said...

Haha Zhaodi. I'm also like that. Some of us just think too much.

But remember, life doesn't revolve around DT. Plus the papers exaggerated everything. It's okay to feel for him but don't take his problems as a personal injury.

He is strong and this is a minor set back. I trust that strong support will arise should a real tragedy happens.

Anonymous said...

So the drama has ended so quickly? Rather unexpected. LOL.

To Tangerina. Yes of course the blog author WILL bounce back. Its the same old tactic to gain attention EVERY single time. What's new?

Anonymous said...

I can't help but feel the shallowness in that statement...it's not abt gaining attention...it's abt coming here like visiting an old friend...this place, just like Zhao has become an old frenz of mine albeit we've never met, and I'm grateful of DT becos he's the link that brought us together from strangers to friends

Anonymous said...

the comment above, that's me btw

~ tangerina