Admiring DT

David with a young newcomer from China who admires him. He has more singers who admire him in China than anywhere it seems. I really think its inevitable that David will be replaced if not by Khalil than another newcomer who can croon r&b songs. He is older & dun think he wanna continue writing addictive music for teens anymore. If Free is any indication, then hopefully his new album will be more matured, masculine & unrestrained by musical trends. Listening to Free, I can hear the loneliness, pain, yearning & fear of an artist. Probably he wrote it while working on his movie script or album. There is nothing more lonely than an artist working on his creation cos there is nobody he can ask if he is doing it rite. Especially the last few notes on his guitar as if he didn't know how or when to end the song. It speaks of the pain of indecision in one's life. To be or not to be? But the thing abt David is his self-preservation cos I think, like most artists, he can be prone to depression. Black Tangerine could be his ode to depression. Yet he has the strength of character to carry on. I respect him for that. Perhaps I am bit down reading abt the sudden death of Health Ledger. What a sad way to go - alone, surrounded by sleeping pills. RIP Health.


udonotknowme1 said...

I found the death so shocking! Part of me still doesn't want to believe it.

Sometimes I wonder - are we the ones who choose the music we listen to or is the music the one that chooses us?

I find it sad to find the depressed DT so relatable. Perhaps it's a burden he carries along with his vision and goals?

I realise that as a fan, no matter how much we know about a person, it is unlikely that we will ever truly know them. We just intepret and imagine what they could be going through.

Ivan said...

watch this carefully give khalil another chance..

Zhao said...

Yeah, this song also on constant mtv replay & I find it just as irritating. He sounds like he is singing an english song in not vry good mandarin. So sry :(