Replacing DT

David in yet another largescale concert this time in Shenzhen on 1/19 where he sang Susan said & So Beautiful. Some blogger put up vid of the duet with Chao Yeon for download if anyone wants it. Joanna Wang has released her debut album, Start From Here, containing the english version of I Love You. Its really brave of her to release her debut album in english & it seems to be selling quite well. She has a very mellow voice & for once I can enjoy a real voice singing not the overly produced, studio enhanced canned music featured in most of today's chinese albums. Good luck to her & best wishes for her success!
Khalil Fong's Love Song has been on constant mtv replay & I find it extremely irritable. It has a chorus similar to Petula Clark's Downtown. They both sound like commerical jingle & the repetitive melody stick in your head all day long *vry painful*. Mentioned Khalil cos he has always been touted as the r&b replacement for David but he is on his 3rd album & he hasn't really has a big hit song. This Love is probably his most well-known & he even put a 'acoustic' version into his new album although I dun know what 'acoustic' abt it cos its just as overproduced as his other songs. Perhaps he might wanna listen to Joanna's album before starting on his 4th *__*


Lynnwei said...

he's really busy with those concerts? where does he find time for the new album?

well, at least doing somethin is better than nothing.

Zhao said...

Hi lynnwei, yeah hope he will release his new album soon too :)

udonotknowme1 said...

Haha, aren't you opinionated!

Yeah, I do agree that Khalil Fong is in no way as talented or creative as David or Jay Chou. I am aware that his songs also sound like someone elses. The chinese music industry likes to compare people and say things like "He's the Hong Kong Jay Chou" or "He's the next R&B king." It's funny how they toss around the title too because as far as I know, none of the above mentioned artists focus their music entirely on R&B.

Still, I like listening to his stuff. It's not good but not horrible - kind of bearable for me compared to the popular stuff nowadays. After listening to him I alway realise how much better DT's voice is!

What I'm trying to say is, I know his music is too produced, his lyrics are irritatingly corny and the acoustic version of 'This Love' feels like an excuse to sing it badly but the guy's trying. There's no need to be defensive because they're no way anyone can replace David. No one lives up to his standards and even he himself falls short of them.

DT's one special man and for those who know that, he will remain in our hearts forever.

Zhao said...

Oh so sry sukyee, didn't know u r a fan. But after listening to his Love song, my mind kept inserting 'downtown downtown' & the chorus stayed in my head for ages that I got vry irritated. Sry but I have vry sensitive ears :P Anyway I am not defending DT cos he dun wanna be known as r&b anything anyway.
I dun feel Khalil is trying, he seems to think he has arrived. I watched an interview where he said some of Jay Chou's compositions are good. He even send his album to Jay & asked to sing each other songs in their next albums. He thinks highly of himself & his talents which is not a bad thing but I dun think he is quite there yet. He also dun think much of DT's music.
Still I am sure he will replace DT soon as he is younger & his music appeals to a younger crowd.

udonotknowme1 said...

I'm still watching him, not really convinced yet!

I completely agree that he is not there yet and I am very disappointed with the 3rd album and will definitely not buy it haha.

Plus he is in no way a person I want to emulate. Hence I do not follow his stories and such. And it's probably why I do not care whether he's full of himself or full of crap haha.

I like to listen to him (KF) as a filler to cancel out my thoughts. It's like watching commercial movies filled with cliches and predictable endings that you know isn't really up to the standard people claim it to be. I have no emotions when I listen to him and no baggage.

DT's music has such strong impact it pierces my heart. It is the soundtrack of my life - who I was, who I am now and who I want to be. It and the person he is affects me so much it scares me.

Anonymous said...

hmm...pardon my ignorance, just wondering who's this Khalil Fong... I'm guessing it's 方大同? :P


a said...

Haha. Yeah. I don't think he'd ever replace DT though. Let the critics say what they want.