2008 DT concerts

Confirmed DT concerts this year are:
Date - March 1
Venue - Capital Indoor Stadium
Hong Kong
Date - March 22/23/24
Venue - Hong Kong Coliseum
Dun understand why he kept announcing last concert all the time when he is still holding them. So annoying & such false advertising. If anything the recent spate of bad press may give him time to reflect. There's nothing wrong with a singer who holds sporadic concerts when there is time & opportunity. Isn't that what a real singer is supposed to do? Bring his music & let ppl enjoy his live singing to as many places as he can manage. So plse DT dun make such a big deal of it cos its really feel vry fake. I honestly hope he will try his best to film his movie this yr cos like a lot of ppl, I too feel that if he doesn't do it this yr, then he will never do it. Dun know why he likes to procrastinate so much, well maybe I do cos a lot of artists are like that. Its hard to be creative under pressure. I hope he manage to find peace & a way out to finish his projects on time.


Anonymous said...

maybe by last concert he meant that its his last tour for a long time. a last concert at that particular place? it make sense.

Anonymous said...

Hi Zhaodi,

i didn't know where to put this, so i placed it here.

i heard that TCS Channel 8 will be showing on the 1st day of CNY at 10.30pm, a variety show (singing & dancing ...) with DAVID TAO appearing.

Not sure how long or even when DT is appearing. Tot i let u know.

Cookie Monster

Zhao said...

Thanks so much Cookie Monster, updated the info :)

taugeh said...

Procrastinating he may not. He is such a pefectionist, which slowed down the whole process.