Catwalk DT

David doing catwalk for Big John. He made an excellent model for jeans. More pixs here & vid here but vry slow loading. He was in a good mood & even joked with the media abt the concidence of the show name which contained the chinese word for 'drunk'. He said he is a 'social drinker' & only drinks in the company of friends. He will not stop drinking but will be more careful abt how much he drinks. His father has already written to him abt this but his mother has not called him so he assumed that she was not aware of this incident. He was nervous abt being a catwalk model for the first time & the hardest was trying not to smile.
Eason who was in Taipei to promote his upcoming concert told the media that David kissed him even when he was not drunk & he kissed him back. It was all 'brotherly love' quipped Eason but later he did explained that it depends on which country whether or not public kissing is considered controversial. David on being told this said that he didn't mind as Eason is his friend & he was just being humorous. He also said he did considered being Eason's concert guest but since the concert is selling so well, he was sure that Eason will not need any guests. If he is in Taipei, he will surely attend the concert. Eason is such a great pal so DT do have some good friends in the industry.
So far so good & the media is less gossipy probably cos its a commercial event & they dared not offend the big company. David said he was concerned the controversial news would affect his sponsorship. After this, he will concentrate on his new album & movie script.


Anonymous said...

as long as it doesn't affect his voice, he can drink all he wants IMO!

havn't come here for a long time.. wow so much happening.. since he doesn't come out with a new record or movie.. I havn't follow him much except for you blog.

Happy New Year XD late as it is..


Ivan said...

dont give up hope.. i have been readin your blog for years..

Lynnwei said...

wah...he's so handsome!!

well, i hope he wont be affected with all those media.....just concnetrate on his music and his work!

go david!

Zhao said...

Hiya zoe, so glad u still around my Thai sista :) & ivan thank u so much for yr support. Yeah lynnwei I think he is vry handsome too *_*