Prodigal DT

Nice pix of DT smiling at last ^__^
He wore a black shirt & dark blue jeans as usual vry charming & just abt broke my heart. Quite lengthy vid of his press conference here where he mostly explained his alleged altercation with a woman in a lift. He also admitted that he did embraced & kissed his female assistant at the police station but not 'french kiss' infront in his house as published in the tabloid. As he cutely explained could be cos he stayed at the police station for too long & he was so happy that someone came to save him *__*
Anyway at least the being 'sued for assualt' can be put to rest & soon the whole incident as well. Hopefully he will not be affected too much & can go on with his 2008 schedule as planned. Just happy to see him still in control of himself & not that depressed. Dear David, smile & the whole smile with you ^__^


celinewong said...

hey i think dt lost weight.. ... i really miss him!!! he looked so good in the last concert in Kuala Lumpur. Though it wasn't his own concert.. but he looked good in that white suit.. here he looked a lil worn out.. must be the stupid news la.. anyway, DT u are a brave man!! *muaks* happy 2 c u smile again!! zhaodi and every1 happy new year!! hope it's not too late to greet u guys..

finally i know wat happen..oh well..DT can overcome it :)

Anonymous said...

he looks rather pale in the pic but i'm glad to see that confident smile....I'm confident that our DT is still the same old him, and will emerge stronger out of this. :)

~ tangerina

Zhao said...

Hi Celine & Tangerina, thanks guys for yr comments. David does look pale but could be cos he has not been back to LA & he is losing his tan.