DT style

Cosily wrapped up DT! It was vry cold during one of the bigscale concerts he attended this weekend. He looked heartmelting with black scarf & leather gloves, vry stylish ^__^ Interestingly he sang Marry Me Today with a Korean singer called 蔡妍 Chae Yeon. Not familiar with her but she is vry beautiful & sexy, it was hard to find a pix of her without her erm assets *__*
David also sang Marry Me Today with Jolin @ another bigscale concerts.
Marry Me Today also won an online award: Year's Most Downloaded Duet: 今天你要嫁給我 David Tao & Jolin Tsai (7,202,414). Jolin accepted the strangely shaped award for David in the same outfit heehee also the guy behind her, is he the Olympian gold medalist that I mistaken for an actor? How come he popping up at all these award shows *scratch head* Such a strange, strange world we live in.
Anyway its good to read news abt David & his music again. Was watching MTV & saw a rendition of Beyonce's Irreplaceable countrystyle & it was so good. Makes me appreciate even more David's efforts to rearrange his songs in his concerts. I have seen quite a few Quangchou clips & it was really such a huge pleasure to listen to his old songs in new & interesting arrangements. Like the others, I am really looking forward to whatever new stuff he will be bringing us in 2008. Be it movie, soundtrack, new album or all three, I can hardly wait ^__^


Chris said...

Oh my goodness!!!

He & ChaeYeon sang Marry Me together?!?!? Is there any vid? So cool!!! I like ChaeYeon as well, would love to hear both of them together!!!

Oh, I dont think u remember, I'm bittersweet, commented on this blog before. ^__^

Anonymous said...

love the blog, keep it up please!!!

celinewong said...

yeah, i don't know this korean singer too.. but ermm..a NEW collaboration indeed!! i can't wait for DT new album. My friend just sent me his latest song, FREE!!! no matter what is of his..i'm gonna be bias.. it's just awesome!!!!!!!!!

Zhao said...

Hi Chris/Bittersweet, vid link posted above. Hope u like it, Chae Yeon has a great voice. TQ anon, yeah will try to continue blogging for as long as I can okie :) Hey Celine, yeah Free is so good, I posted the english translation too a few posts back.