Thank you so much Tangerina, you are such a pal & udonotknowme1 (sry u nvr leave a name). But u got it so rite, dear Tangie, & gave me back some hope for humanity. I guess in a crisis, you will find out who yr real friends are, or whether you have any. Cos I dun really believe in friendship, love & all that jazz which could be why I was so concerned for David. I felt most ppl enjoy watching the downfall & misfortunes of others, probably cos it makes them feel better abt themselves, strange kinda reverse psychology if u ask me. Maybe David is also finding out who his real friends & fans are, the ones like Tangerina who will stick by him no matter what happens. As David always say, & admittedly I am vry cynical abt, that we need more love in this world. One should always try & see the positives in others instead of just the negatives.
I guess I am not such a good DT fan/friend so I have to learn to do better & be more like Tangerina *__* Remember it's all abt the music & his is still the one to touch my heart. I listened to a great deal of John Legend today. He really has such a fine voice & I like it that he doesn't do a lot of falsetto. His vocals are rich, velvety, smooth & manly but for me, it still lacking. Does race or culture matter in music? It shouldn't for music should be univeral. Just for me, David speaks the rite language to me in his music. He can be singing Swahili & I will still be captivated ^__^


Anonymous said...

To Zhaodi

Happy belated X'mas and New Year 08
Also, I'd like to extend my best wishes to David T. and other readers.


Anonymous said...

I just came back from vacation and read all DT's recent news.

"No news can change my love to DT's music."

Wish DT and his fans can pass this difficult time toghether. Nobody is perfect. We can always learn from the mistakes and do not repeat them.

Although I don't like to see anyone getting drunk, I was very glad to read that DT was not a drunk driver.


udonotknowme1 said...

The contradictions are unavoidable. I find love to be the a basic human criteria, yet we are still constantly plagued by our selfish, earthly nature and perhaps even animal-like instincts.

It's interesting to note that very often we become cynical due to disappointments or because we take love too seriously.

I agree that the world needs love. I'm just not satisfied with the general diluted idea of love. But I think DT is talking about a greater love. It's something I know of but am unable to truly appreciate or have the capacity to give.


celinewong said...

gosh i am so out, can some1 enlighten me what happen to DT? soree that i've asked coz it's been a busy year end and to many things has happened in my life too..! Anyway, whatever happens, DT has been such an inspiration.. :) his fans will never leave him...coz his song has been ever so 'giving' in its own ways :)


celinewong said...

zhaodi..what happen to DT? why is he not happy on this new year?? it has been a difficult year end for me too.. :( i was keep thinking to myself, hope DT will come up with new songs !! i'm always happy when i hear his new songs :) his words are always so right and really nail all the emotions that i was experiencing. but of coz i listen to Hillsongs whenever i need higher intervention... hope DT is alright whatever dat has happened...

Anonymous said...

i'm really flattered by your words, Zhao. :) To admit I'm not all that "gd" DT fan myself too but I do learn to appreciate him and his music in my own way very much like as you do. You know this reminds me of what David has said before in his journal that sometimes it is important for us to filter ourselves from the usual surroundings once in awhile, to reset back to zero for a different perspective, a broader view and to helps ascertain things. That is why I thought you deserved that break.

About Love, what I've understand and come to accept in my own way is that a "humanly" Love will always comes with flaws along with numerous struggles only to realize that the only way to overcome it is to accept the way as it is.... flawed but wholesome. :)


Zhao said...

Hi Noshka, so nice that u r back. Celine, DT just got drunk one nite, nothing vry bad :) Sukyee, yeah I think its unconditional love which DT wrote in Beautiful. Hiya Tangie, once again u give me a whole fresh perspective on things. Thanks everybody for yr continued support for DT, he really needs it this time.