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Once again I must stress that everything on this blog is personal preference. If u like a certain singer, buy his album, listen to him, support him but plse dun feel its an injustice when other ppl think he is crap cos its just not possible that everybody will like yr idol. There are many ppl who think David is crap but that doesn't change the way I feel abt him. My personal preference runs more towards John Legend's sophomore album, Once Again. This is an album that most chinese listeners will probably find boring. The music does not has frills & thrills or vocal gymnastics. All it has is John Legend's sincerity on every track. Maybe I can't feel Khalil's sincerity or maybe his funny mandarin enunication puts me off but I honestly cannot listen to him after John Legend. So plse enough of him already. Thanks but no thanks, I think I will just stick to my David Tao for the moment ^__^
Seen some trailers of Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street & was surprised its a musical! Maybe DT is onto something here. Johnny Depp is once again frightfully good at this kinda gothic role. Read a biography of Depp & apparently he was quite the badboy during his younger days drinking & trashing hotel rooms. Of cos he is more settled now that he is 45. Strangely the chinese entertainment media which sometimes suffers from ageism hardly ever called him old. Maybe its ok for western stars to grow old but not chinese stars :P Anyway what I was trying to say is that Depp always impress me with the way he can suppress his strong personality to grow into his role. I remembered randomly watching a movie & getting engrossed in it cos of the superb acting of the lead actor & only realised it was Johnny Depp towards the end. This is something I feel David is able to do in his music. When he is singing a song, he is no longer David Tao but the man in the song singing abt injustice, heartbreak, loneliness, pain, happiness. It could be the reason why so many ppl is able to relate to his music. I often read ppl's comments that DT's song is abt themselves. Btw, confirmation abt his concerts in HK & Beijing, will update when I have the time.


udonotknowme1 said...

I really want to watch this movie!

I love John Legend's second album too. In fact more than the first though the critics think otherwise.

Sure, it may not have a classic like 'Ordinary People' but it's a great album and reveals (what I think is) the real John Legend.

I admit Khalil lacks sincerity. I personally don't think he has a great vision or originality either but I listen to him anyway. He's among the commercial fluff that I let slip through the filters occasionally. Just so I don't destroy another copy of my DT cds and have to get a replacement - again. Haha.

That is why I think he will never replace DT. There are few who I find as relatable or who emotes as well.

P.S. Will DT be having any concerts in south east asia? I really do miss him.

Zhao said...

Dun worry abt Khalil, he will win lotsa awards & be called 'heavenly king' soon :P Yeah miss DT too, concerts mostly in March.