DT vids

Here it is! Vid of David singing Marry me today with Chae Yeon ^__^ Vry nice performance & even though Chae Yeon was not familiar with the lyrics but she does has a great husky voice. It was cute when she openly peeped at the paper in her hand when she probably didn't know how to pronouce the chinese words. David sang a more r&b version of the song to match her husky voice. Also I noticed he has been singing a bit lower than usual & his voice is rougher, more matured. Its a bit less soothing but I like it a lot - a bit reminiscent of Sting. Anyway really enjoy it a lot & David was so gentlemanly as usual. They look great together but a pity no pixs so far.
Here's another nice vid, a lengthy one of the Big John catwalk show. He sang Love Can & they show most of the interview afterwards. He was just a bit hesitant but still took care to answer all the questions as best as he can. Yesterday was listening to Runaway & suddenly remembered the mv where it showed him throwing up in the toilet after drinking. This is as close as one can get to his real life. So then I found another reason why I love his music so much. It cuts so close to real life sometimes it hurts. Although I am not one to drink myself to oblivion but his music can sometimes take me to that edge but then it draws me back again cos everybody needs to let it all hang out at least once. We can't keep bottling emotions & pretend to be perfect little paragons. (All vid links credit & thanks to DTFC)


taugeh said...

THank you so much for this blog. Keep it up!!

Chris said...

THANK YOU for sharing the vid link, enjoyed the performance. David & ChaeYeon so cute together.

Before being a singer in Korea, she tried out in Japan, which she didnt make it, thus going back to Korea, not giving up her dreams made her where she is today as a Korean singer.

ChaeYeon may not have the best vocals, but it's her spirit - and even though she's the sexy singer type, she's v.sweet cute & real - is what made me a fan. Her company has been promoting her in China, I really pray that everything will go well for her. ^__^

How awesome will it be if David and ChaeYeon work together in future, two of my fav singers, woot!

Zhao said...

Thanks taugeh :) Wow Chris thank you so much for writing so much on ChaeYeon. Hope she can find success in China.