DT in Macau

David was guest performer for the opening of another Macau's casino hotel, the Ponte 16 on 2/1 but only news no pixs. They seem to like him there but then what's not to like ^__^ Dear DT, missing you so much so snagged this vid from DTFC where he sang at the Audi R8 launch. He was cute when he said he didn't know it would be so warm inside as it was cold outside. He was perspiring so much poor thing. He even forgot which song he was supposed to sing hah but he looked absolutely charming in his long black semi-formal jacket. I love this rendition of I Love You where he sang with a more mature air, different from the usual karaoke style he used in largescale concerts where the audience like to join in. His voice is pure magic, stirring yet soothing & vry DT. Just make me love him more. Love his hairstyle too. Apparently his concert in Beijing has the lowest priced tickets with special prices for couples. (Vid link credit & thanks to DTFC)
Btw 信乐团 without Shin has released a single with Power Station called 不死心還在. I like it a lot. Much as I like Shin I like the rest of the band mbrs even more. They are the nicest, most modest bunch of musicians who nvr have any pretensions to be a rock band or idols or anything. They just want to play music to make a living. I dun blame Shin for going solo, I mean did anyone blame Sting for going solo? Good luck to him. Hope that Shin Band can find a suitable lead singer & release their album soon.

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