9 days to Beijing concert

Here vry nice newsclip of his HK concert promo. Must have been away for too long cos his mandarin sounds just a bit awkward but still vry adorable. Think he is overestimating his concerts again. 16? OK counting back to last yr:
Singapore 1
HK 3
Beijing 1
Quangzhou 1
Taipei 2
Guiyang 1
Nanjing 1
Shanghai 1
The total is 11 so let assume he includes Msia & the one planned for Taichung goes ahead, it will be 13. Well maybe he is planning a few North American concerts, who knows? Just dun hold yr breath cos seriously I doubt this man can count. Like moi, I suspect he might be suffering from dyscalculia ^__^


Ivan said...

i goin april 19 concert. last time i got 78 one not very satisfied.. which is the best but not the most expensive price to get..

Zhao said...

Hi ivan so glad u r going. Sure to be great hehe

Anonymous said...

Any chance of DT coming to Malaysia? I hope he can hold some concerts in US too.

Ivan said...

i realli need advice .. cos 78 left single seat. wat price should i get

Zhao said...

Oh ivan hope us get the tickets u want! I am thinking May or June for concert in Malsysis before he release his new album.