6 days to Beijing concert

Vry earnest here, wonder if he is wearing his new expensive watch? Less than a wk to his Beijing concert now *yeah yeah* ^__^ Here's a clip of his fan gathering in Beijing.
When media called him 'godfather' David at once stopped them saying he is neither 'godfather' nor 'heavenly king'. Still I noticed the mainland chinese media loves to call him 'godfather of music' so he may have to bear with the title till the latter part of the yr where he disappears to film his movie *heart pain* There will be so little news of him then so better give us more songs in his new album. I will not be satisfied unless there is at least 12. He has already completed 10 songs & it will take him at least 2 months for recording & production work. He will be returning to his favorite seventies classic rock *__* Looking so forward to this album although dun wanna get too high expectations to avoid disappointment.
When media asked if he is afraid of losing fans by taking so long to come out with an album, he replied for singer/composer, it will always require more time to have some thinking & feelings abt what he wants to express in his album. If he keeps his promise & release his 6th studio album around Jun/Jul, it will be abt 2 yrs but still not as long as Black Tangerine. Strangely he said he doesn't really like musical but he is doing one cos he wanna challenged himself as well as the audience. It could be he still find its easier for him to express himself in music so it makes sense he uses this medium for his first film although I do hope he dun forget to add a storyline :P


udonotknowme1 said...

He looks thin!

Well just glad that there'll be a new album coming soon. Something to fill the void while he's gone.

Really enjoy listening to "I'm Ok" recently. Somehow can feel the pain and struggle throughout the album.

Zhao said...

Yeah, his albums all have some pain & struggle in them.