Concert promos

David will be having online chat in Beijing on 2/20 & then heading to HK to promote his upcoming concerts in these 2 cities. EMI Taiwan is apparently retrenching staff & there is speculation which singer is gonna leave? Stefanie Sun is seen as the most likely as hers is album by album contract followed closely by Jolin. Although David has a good working relationship with EMI, I would rather he is the one leaving. EMI tends to promote the singer not the album or the music. Actually the whole chinese music industry is like that. While the last & most important award in Grammies is Album of the Year, its usually the most popular singer in most chinese awards show. In fact watching the depth of talent shown in the Grammies, I wonder when will they wake up to the fact that 'idol packaging' is not working at all. There are not that many beautiful ppl performing at the Grammies but it is their music that make them attractive. A relative who attended her fav idol concert in Singapore surprised me when she said although it was entertaining with the dancing, different costumes, instruments playing, ultimately the concert was disappointing cos of the dismal live singing. Sooner or later, even the least discerning chinese audience will demand that a singer no matter how beautiful live up to his or her profession on the stage.

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