8 days to Beijing concert

Now I have a cache of some really delightful DT in Bejing pixs ^__^ Will post them slowly for the countdown. He can look really childlike in his simple pleasure of meeting fans & chatting. Below an excellent writeup from China Daily:
"R&B Godfather" Tao Zhe to perform in Beijing
(China Daily)
Updated: 2008-02-21 15:15
Taiwanese singer David Tao (Tao Zhe) will stage a show on March 1 at the Capital Gymnasium. When his debut album David Tao was released in 1997, the young man generated a storm of R&B in Taiwan and the mainland. Some local media dubbed him the "R&B Godfather".
After two years of work, Tao released his second album titled I'm OK that featured alternative rock which was simpler and more down-to-earth than his debut work. His third album, Black Tangerine, released in 2003, was again a pleasant surprise fusing rock, folk songs, Latin ballads, country music and other styles.
One of his latest songs, Susan Speaks, successfully melts a famous Peking Opera aria into Blues. It creates a unique historical ambiance for a woman reminiscing her past love.
Sun Tze: The Art of War is another interesting work of Tao. He collaborated with the popular 12 Girls Band, combing both Western and folk Chinese instruments to create a work that touches the soul.
Though the first group of fans who were struck by Tao's special voice and music 10 years ago are no longer young, his solo concert at the Capital Gymnasium is sure to draw a large following. (Reposted from China Daily)

Hope more & more ppl realise his modest contribution to chinese music before he turns his focus to films. Here can watch many clips of his online chat in Beijing. Actually its more like an interview. Transcript here & lotsa gorgeous pixs. As usual he displayed an array of expressions & hand gestures.
He also attended fan gathering where he received gifts & fed a lucky fan new year dessert. Luv watching the clips & listening to his sexy voice. He revealed he has a house in Beijing & if ppl were to see him walking on the streets or having a meal, dun be alarmed cos its really him *__* He has prepared a special 12-min segment just for Beijing concert. He confirmed the Taizhou concert on 4/12 & said there might be more concerts in mainland China but didn't say anything abt US. I think he will probably have a Msia concert as quite a few of his band mbrs are Malaysians & for sure he wants to give them the chance to perform in their own turf.
When fans guessed his new album will be rock influenced, they got a minor lecture on what is rock hehe do not awaken the sleeping dragon. I did think that he will eventually do a rock album but not so soon. He might just stick to soft or alt rock like Rain, Bastard, Smalltown girl, Black Tangerine, Ghost. Wow getting excited now. He does this kinda rock so vry well. Jun/Jul not so far away & hopefully no more delays. As for his movie, he is still writing the script *sigh* He does not want his movie to be judged by his success in music. He prefers the movie to be an independent work by a new director who is judged creative. He wants to be part of a new generation of directors who is able to provide breakthroughs in filmmaking. He also does not want to be seen as a Chinese director but an international director whose movie can be understood by all.
As usual he said filmmaking is his first love & he only got into music cos he was able to make money doing something he likes. But I suspect music means lot more to him than just a means of earning money. Maybe cos music-writing to him is such a painful process that he tends to shy away from its importance. You just have to watch the way he handle his guitar to realise that. The guitar is an extension of himself. When David stands on the stage with his guitar, they blend together into one beautiful entity.

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