10 days to Beijing concert

David & Paco during HK press conference.
Here he received vry expensive watch from concert sponsors. Ppl like giving him expensive gifts it seems *__*
His HK fans gave him a calligraphy signboard 'Godfather of entertainment' or something like that.
Dun know who all these ppl are but nice to know he has so many supporters in HK.
Shielding away from firecrackers as he didn't realised it would be so loud. He must have vry sensitive ears. After 123 Wooden Men concerts, David said it will be another 2 to 3 yrs before he will hold another series of concerts. No word on whether or not he will hold concerts in US this yr but if u have the time & money, best to attend HK or Singapore. His new album is planned for Jun/Jul release & DT will focus on his movie during latter half of the yr. He prefers working behind the scene & I feel that even if he has the slightest success he probably wanna stay behind the scene. Of cos he dun wanna close the door completely on his music career so he says its only 'temporary' but its gonna be hard for him to make a successful comeback after 2 or 3 yrs. He will be in his forties & he dun really has the solid support Jackie Cheung or Andy Lau enjoy. Anyway he should know what he is doing & I will always support & believe in him. No matter where his journey takes him, I will be here loving & wishing him well <3
Luv this pix haha & although can't see it but think there maybe a mischevious glint in his eyes. He knows well that the paparazzi may use this pix to put him down again. Maybe that's why I dun feel that upset he may leave the music front scene completely. He must be vry tired of being followed & photographed secretly. So is he gonna be mocked everytime he holds a drink in his hand? Better that he goes behind a camera & be himself.

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